The conspiracy behind Gabriel Jok Riak – the Ex Chief of Staff’s removal

Arguably, the former Chief of General Staff of South Sudan would have been the second best if not the best in the entire history of the young African country. His contribution would have redeemed the war torn country but his subtle act was quickly put off by the power of money which compelled a subject of manipulation. The rest is what we are about to indulge into!

“I am happy I served the country”

“I wholeheartedly welcome the bold decision or decree made by the president and the Commander in Chief. I am now the most relieved, happiest; and a normal citizen of this beloved country,” he said.

Gen. Jok Riak whose term became the shortest (Served from May 2018, Sacked on 11th May 2020), was allegedly on the verge of captaining South Sudan to paradise and he would be dubbed JOSHUA but all turned to a failure that attracted his downfall. After all, subjugation and division of the masses through tribal politics of “us against them” persists and South Sudan still swallow bitter pills.

As a man of principles and well respected by the president himself, the ex General had a little redemption story to tell. The light that shone on him after a supposed darkness of terror and unthinkable acts brushed off is something he would live to tell. Jok was reconciled with his godfather: Kiir Mayardit and he breathed calmly after orchestrated series of meetings that eventually led to the country’s boss forgiving him. The meetings were initiated by elderly people from Jok’s and the president’s community.

In 2019, the government had already assembled its troops and the message signaled and reaching every soldier was that the Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition (IGAD) would be attacked in a move to crash and severely injures the desperate peace agreement that was already clutching at a straw.

This would have been a major blow prior to the pushed for peace agreement of September 2018 by the Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) but things were merely shielded by Gabriel himself.

Jok Riak embarked on a plan that would saw the status quo destroyed and eventually shifting the paradigm. Framing on how to bring a lasting peace and development to South Sudan, JOK gathered the head of Security agent Gen. Akol and his most ‘trusted’ men plus a few other military intelligence. But first, before Jok decided and secretly went ahead to draft the JACKPOT plan (Before gathering the right crew members), he had to win the trust of internal security bureau man for ultimate support and to make sure that he succeeds. But Gen. Akol was a chained man whose loyalty to the boss would never be bought. He is considered both the hire and protector of the Kingdom that only belongs to the SPLM elites. This is the part the ex chief thoroughly miscalculated.

Jok, for this project, had a secretary whose whereabouts would not be known for as long as the two warring parties (SPLM-IF and SPLM-IO) are still wadding across the face of South Sudan. The secretary allegedly went to induced exile. He was paid millions of dollars for steering the wheel which perfectly led to the collapse of the project prematurely.

When Jok carried out the survey for suitability of his forces for battles against their mortal foes, he noted that the forces were exhausted. They would not manage to engage in another warfare with dog fight events. This formed a basis for an opportunity to hit on the KING. But it would be no way near the mark. The through years war (2013-2018) tired soldiers. There were also growing immense calls for cease fire and the ordinary citizens and women spearheading the search and maximum quest for peace and new republic. People rumoured and cried around in the streets of Juba acknowledging that it was good for the country to reconcile and come out of the war into green pastures.

Upon completion of survey, Jok concluded that the forces were tired and would not engage in any battle, admitting that they desperately needed peace and perhaps, a place where their families can live in peace.

Thereafter, Jok decided to bring the whole decayed system to an end like the Khartoum and other revolutions. As the Chief of Staff, he would arrest the president and other threats to consolidate power and end the South Sudanese miseries. Something which Gen. James missed in the night of December – when the 2013 civil war outbroke. But this wasn’t the way. After the project was shared with the Internal Bureau Security Chief and a few jackass others, Jok decided it was to good go. But without his knowledge, the security boss had already sneaked the plan to the president and for a prove, he was given huge sums of money in cash and used half of it to buy the secretary who had the draft. From here, the secretary would not be seen again. It is researched and investigated that he left to live a new life in Europe.

When the security chief took the draft paper to the president, he was sealed and confirmed to be the savior but somehow, the president took it lightly. His chief of staff conspiring against his removal and his fellow men was nearly unthinkable.

Soon after the secretary vanished, security chief stopped all communications with the ex chief of staff and Jok was left between the devil and deep sea. He knew his end would come but the respect that the president had for him became an absolute gateway to his redemption.

In the Monday of May 11th 2020, after the project failed, Jok was fired by the president without explanations given. He was simply dismissed in an executive order and people greatly murmured. They did not understand why the ‘good chief’ was sacked and during his reign, one or only a few battles with less deaths between the government and the IO occurred.

(Ramciel Broadcasting do not share in the opinion. It is solely the writer’s. The writer of this article asked not to be named and neither of his contacts to be provided for security reasons)

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