The beats of Irene Toss, a young South Sudanese talented artist that you should know

Irene TossIrene Toss/photo courtesy Irene Toss Official/Facebook Page

In the world of today, talent and skills take the lead and that is inarguably right. When it comes to music, the battle way up isn’t a one morning wake-up to. There is a lot of sweat through struggle to the first step, and the injecting of one’s voice into the mic in a musical room or studio up to the time you are cheered by hundreds of people while standing on a podium.

Famously known by the stage name as Irene Toss, the young and beautiful determined artist shot to musical scene in the August of 2017 when she performed at Kikilu ana Comedy – an entertainment company that was attracted to her outstanding music and she was subsequently signed a month later. By then, Irene was an upcoming artist whose talent was beginning to unleash the taste of music that many of her fans enjoy today. With all the breakthroughs, Irene attributes her journey to the top to the management of the comedy company which first opened a door of opportunities through which she explored.

The super talented young vibrant artist did several radios and TV tours at the onset of her career where she was outspoken widely and gained massive support. One of those was in Kampala, Uganda where she was hosted at Urban TV three times and Spice TV twice giving her the confidence and the platform on which she cultivated her capabilities and aired out her dreams. She was also interviewed at SAMA FM in Juba where she talked about her music and the challenges she was facing at the time.

Her first song was released in 2017 and she entitled it ‘’Warm up”. The lyrics were basically an intro which hinted at South Sudan musical revolution. Irene is undeniably one of those musicians that have revolutionized the South Sudan music industry at the expense of sacrifice despite the industry having a very little support from the citizens. Her world class hit song “Strength of a woman” gained a wide listening audience and the song still remains as one of her best and top in comparison to those sung by the other artists.

Irene is gifted with speech and her fluency in English universalizes her music which many fans cannot resist giving an ear to. She collaborated with a few artists and produced other hit songs that gained a couple views on YouTube.

But even with such accomplishments, one of the most backsliding things many South Sudanese artists find challenging is insufficient support for their music and Irene is no exception. Her fan base in Juba is yet to grow in order to tell the high level quality music she produces.  The four years she spent in the music industry would have tripled the support for her work but even though a few are trying to support her, many are yet to march up and raise the flag in her support. Irene is surely one of those highly talented musicians that would carry the South Sudan musical flag to the world.

Irene was born and raised in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya by two lovebirds Michael Agok and Martha Nakore. Kakuma has been hosting thousands South Sudanese nationals since the nineteen nineties and birthed talented musicians such as the controversial South Sudanese-Canada based singer/rapper K-DENK and many more others.

Irene Toss is currently signed under a promotional company and they all need support in order to arrive at the overall goal, which is talent exploration and entertainment. Entertainment provides a distraction and an emotional release from the day-to-day frustrations people go through as they struggle to make both ends meet in life.

To support Irene, subscribe to her YouTube channel Irene Toss follow her on Instagram (IG) at Irene Toss and Like her Official Facebook Page Irene Toss Official

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