The basic reason why I remain patriotic 

south Sudanese celebrate the declaration of independentsouth Sudanese celebrate the declaration of independent

Opinion by: Latjor Yang Pidor

The Malperformance of the government coexisting with its poor duties’ implementation is clear as the sky in summer in South Sudan. You don’t need a perfect government and leaders for our national unity.

The backbone of national unity is patriotism, not the activities of leaders or government. Here is Why?

A country is made up of four elements: People, define territory, Sovereignty, and government.

Sovereign Government comes after those two main elements exist (people and territory). Because we were a good population of people in our territory, finally we seek for a sovereign government for 21 years in the bush. Government is changeable but the main backbone of every country are people, territory, and transferable sovereignty which the people transfer to every group they accepted to manage their country and call it a government. Government is not the owner of the country but just a manager who can be fired at any time when it failed to perform its duties.

We the people in us define territory are the owners of the country, South Sudan and the current brutal government is just a manager who has failed to perform its duties.

the country is belonging to us; therefore, we embrace unity because we love our country, not because of government/leaders which is just a poor manager.

Love of country heal the wound of the nation but attaching patriotism to leaders destroy a nation whenever their interest mismatch.

Love your people, love your country my friend regardless of whatever feeling you have against its government. We will fire this poor manager one day.

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