The appointment of the Central Equatoria State Ministers, County Commissioners and Commission Chairpersons is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ILLEGAL and ILLEGITIMATE, says Wani Michael.

The appointment of the Central Equatoria State Ministers, County Commissioners and Commission Chairpersons is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ILLEGAL and ILLEGITIMATE, says Wani Michael.

It is in total violation of article 165(2A) of the Constitution that mandates the State Governor to appoint them not President Kiir. Equally, article 48 of the Constitution and the Peace Agreement article 1.12.15 gave clear instructions to the RTGoNU to devolve more powers and resources to the States and local government. What happened yesterday night was PURELY grabbing and centralization of power by the Presidency and the National government.

The Governors can’t fight back because they were appointed by the same people who took their powers away from them and of course the Governors not elected by the people to challenge their decision.

I don’t support or subscribe to the raping and disrespect to our Constitution and rule of law in South Sudan. The reason why we’ve so many unending conflicts in the Country because we’re a lawlessness Country and some people think they’re above or even the Constitution itself. They can violate the Constitution with impunity and walk away freely from it.

Nobody is above the law and the President, First Vice President and the Four Vice Presidents took Oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution of the land are the first VIOLATORs. They’ve no moral authority to restore law and order in the Country since they’re the real violators of the law with impunity.

I don’t legitimize unconstitutional and illegal thing, I don’t recognize President Kiir appointment of State officials apart from the State Governors.

(Presidential decrees yesterday night for the appointment of state ministers, commissioners, advisors and chairpersons of independent commissions on Central Equatoria State.

State ministers:

1. Hon. Wani Godwil Edward, minister of cabinet affairs (IO)
2. Hon. Moro Genesio minister of local government and law enforcement (SSOA)
3. Hon. Gerald Francis, minister of local government and law enforcement (IG)
4. Hon. Taban Emmanuel Baya minister of parliamentary and legal affairs (IO)
5. Hon. Paulino Lukudu minister of information and communication (OPP)
6. Hon. Dorrin Wosuk Ladu, minister of culture, youth and sports (IG)
7. Hon. Diana Susu Hassan, minister of finance, planning and investment (IG)
8. Hon. Wani Top Sebit, minister of trade and industry (IG)
9. Hon. Lily Kafuki Paul, minister of agriculture, environment and forestry (SSOA)
10. Hon. Alex Latio Elia, animal resources, fisheries and tourism (IG)
11. Hon. Peter Lujo Yospeta, cooperative and rural development (IO)
12. Hon. Flora Gabriel Modi, housing, land and public utilities (IG)
13. Hon. Mawa A. Moses, roads and bridges (IG)
14. Hon. Modi John Molla, labour, public service and human resource (IG)
15. Hon. Nejua Marshal, minister of health (IG)
16. Cirisio Zachariah, general education and instructions (IO)
17. Martin Mollai Dodo, gender, child and social welfare (IG)

1. James Modi Laku, peace and security (SSOA)
2. David Wani, economic affairs (IO)
3. Jacob Gore Samuel, legal affairs (IG)
4. Bullen Amos Soro, Human rights (IG)
5. Mariam A Zachariah, fever and social welfare (IG)

Independent commissions
1. George Wani Elia, anti-corruption (IO) deputised by Kenyi Abiaso
2. Asio Moses John, employees justice chamber (IO) deputised by Huda Michael Laila
3. Marino Michael Sebit, HIV/AIDS (SSOA)
4. Felix Lado Johnson, RRC (IG) deputised by Amal Suleiman
5. Isaac Wuri Eluni, human rights (IG) deputised by Emmanuel Kose Wani (IO)
6. Henry Kala Sabuni, conflict resolution and reconciliation (IG) deputised by Amule Barnabas Lemi (IG)

County commissioners
1. Hon. Charles Joseph Wani, Juba county (SSOA)
2. Hon. Aggrey Cyrus, Yei River County (IG)
3. Hon. Joseph Mawa John, Morobo county (IG)
4. Hon. James Lino Malou Anok, Terekeka county (IO)
5. Hon. Emmanuel Khamis, Lainya county (IG)
6. Kenyi Erasto Michael, Kajokeji county (IO).

(By Wani Michael. RB do not sharein in the opinion above. It is solely shared for informatics purposes only)

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