Testimony of Trinity Energy Co. Ltd worker facing injustice in Nimule

Chan K. Cholkor at Nimule hospital being treated with head injury after surviving an attackChan K. Cholkor at Nimule hospital being treated with head injury after surviving an attack

By Chan K. Cholkor

My name is Chan Cholkor khat a staff of Trinity Energy co.Ltd, Nimule branch station. On 10/05/2021 at 7 pm E. A T 6 pm SST, Riak Lual Tiir hired criminals against me in Nimule playing ground which leads to head and arm injured by the use of pangas and also phone loss.

On 13/05/2021, while am still under treatment of an injured, Riak Lual Tiir himself attacked me inside my house, at around 9amEAT, SST 8 am, which he intended to infect me with HIV/AID virus, by handing a stick of which sharp object been nailed on its, to his own son as a tactics way, in order to get closer to me such that he would grab a stick from his son and to kick me at a distance he couldn’t miss me. He was trying at least to infect me silently in order to prove what he has been advertising against me since 2018 up to date.

In 2018, I took an HIV test at Nimule hospital as per hospital law, instructed by GOSS and Health partners, that any patient visiting Nimule hospital should have to know his/her HIV status. But Riak Lual Tiir took advantage by advertising me on social media, that am sick of HIV, while am not sick, he just made it only an embarrassment against me.

Chan K. Cholkor at Nimule hospital being treated with head injury after surviving an attack

Chan K. Cholkor at Nimule hospital being treated with a head injury after surviving an attack

In 2020, I decided to file a case against him but supporters relocated him into Bentiu to kept him out of justice. As a result of the 10_13/05/2021 attacks, the legal procedures at Nimule police force conclude and issued a warrant of arrest on Riak Lual Tiir under section 329/225 South Sudan penal code act of 2008. But Riak Lual Tiir supporters are keeping him out of justice by using force after he has been given evacuation from Nimule into Juba. The force that defending Riak Lual Tiir aims that, if I went Juba alone his supporters been mobilized will be caught, detain and infect me with HIV virus or if I went with polices to force action, they will make an arm resistance only to kept Riak out of justice.

Our difference with Riak Lual Tiir Monyjok Dol makeup and Abraham Chuei malok and those have seconded their terrorism, turned victimization against me by imposing human basics life-threatening, that they would’ remain unsupportive against me in whatever I aim in my future or faces in term of school, leadership, marriage, job, health, court case, prison or fight as a result to my refusal by not being hired.

It has come to my knowledge recently that, those keeping Riak Lual Tiir out of justice were beyond my capacity, as they exercising force by use of money and powers.

Riak Lual Tiir is a close brother to MI. Monychol mijok Tiir. Riak Lual Tiir has married a closest relative to MI col. Dr. Bithou Mialith mayiik and SSPDF Capt John Chol Mialith mayiik who (Chol) instructed my death recently in favor of Riak Lual Tiir before I got injured. Riak Lual Tiir graduate in Uganda under the sponsor of Eng. kuol Deng Mialith the President of Nile drilling co Ltd and founder of Deep stores company Ltd (money transfer) Eng kuol Deng Mialith is an uncle to Monywach Miareng whom we were sharing a house together. Monywach Miareng was an operator of Deep stores company Ltd Nimule branch before he (Monywach) have attempted to infect me by planning needle on my mattress at a time I was away. Riak Lual Tiir is being supported out of justice by Major. John Amum SSN.police, William Tim monybuny community leader, and Hon.Lual mayiik Dau, minister of Education jonglei state.

Chan K. Cholkor at Nimule hospital being treated with head injury after surviving an attack

Chan K. Cholkor at Nimule hospital being treated with head injury after surviving an attack

All above people are well best supporters, which kept Riak Lual Tiir in hiding without being produce before the court. They are playing a great role in terms of money and power.

Riak Lual Tiir 2010, advised his youngest brother Gai Lual Tiir to stole money inside the house and set the house on fire at the same time at our home. He (Riak) was intended as an obstacle against me, only to kept me not to went under appendix operations after Doctor gave me four days to get operations at Malakal teaching hospital. The money stole was for appendix operations.

They are keeping Riak Lual Tiir out of justice such that I would remain without justice. They are mobilizing young people to keep them away alert, as they have preached within the community that, Chan Cholkor khat is suffering because he is not collaborating with the community and family in the way of victimization as they have intended because I have refused not to be hired by their members.

They are mistreating and torturing me physically and mentally without any issues related to laws only victimization

1_Their members poisoned me at home and again they brought clinic non-staff which infected me with Hepatitis B virus and tuberculosis (tb which got cure in Nimule hospital 6months consecutively _2018) at a time I was taking treatment at #Bor life care clinic in Bor Town. Because I have refused for a second time not to help them in withdrawing salaries of those civil war has cut off from their duties. I help them first after they have forced me to help or I wouldn’t sit reteam of Jonglei certificate of primary Education November 2014 after 2013 exam interrupted by civil war

2_Their member used to inject medicine of hepatitis B with the liquid forming aqueous solution inside the package, which aims of infection or poison whenever I have sent money for medicine and now they have finally confiscated my medical documents for the custom medical center and Egyptian clinic.

3_Their members almost set me on fire inside my house at midnight using petrol fuel.

4_Their member attempted to infected me by planning needle on my mattress

5_Displacement of my nationality from home into different location twice, Incas of any crime’s scene, in order to make me a victim for that crimes.

6_Even at a time an incident occurred at our station, when one of the securities deployed in the at the station, late Achiek Mawien found dead in the morning, all staffs at the station were taken into the police station for legal statement, after legal procedures, the legal act gave us to guarantee. All staff made guarantees except me. I was given a guarantee by the station manager because both leaders from Atar community and Padang community disappeared, likewise, at a time I beat using pangas and time Riak Lual Tiir attacked me inside my house two days after he hired me, criminals, all of them disappear, none of them visited me up to date. Only staff who made help medication process.

7_They have assigned a dropout_pupile (Deng Agor) who has acquired the skill of computer to barred my sim cards, hacked my Facebook account, blocked my account of M. grush.

8_They have assigned a dropout the pupil, Deng Agor who has acquired skill of computer to barred my sim card, hacked my Facebook, blocked account M grush

Deng Agor was a dropout pupil which has acquired a skill of computer of which he has turned in a producing pupil and students a fake document for the various institution in South Sudan and Uganda. Even at a time, the Ugandan government blocked out unwell registered Sim, they sent him (Deng) into camp in order to open Sims of their relatives with money. Deng Agor ran back to South Sudan from Uganda after a refugee about to sent him police.

For you as the Government of South Sudan and all branches of laws, these people have organized themselves only to mistreat and torture me physically and mentally without any issues related to laws.

They are mistreating and torturing me physically and mentally in order to choose, whether to surrender to them such that I should be hired like others or to chose death such that I should be exemplary, in case they hired a person within the Atar community against a person in any community with aim of victimization, hurt or assassination, in order for him to comply with orders and instructions given, otherwise things have happened to me silently will also result to him as consequences.

13_05_2021 we were’ fought with Riak inside my house but now Riak and his supporters are preaching it to others that we were fought in the hospital even we were separated by a doctor in order to rescue the situation.

All hospitals, clinics, and doctors working in them have names, so I need Riak Lual Tiir and his supporters to tell me before the court where we fought two days after he hired me criminals’ arms with pangas.

GOSS and all branches of laws I need justice from Riak Lual Tiir and his supporters before I die meaningless, because the pain of hepatitis, a head injury that has affected my left eye and ears has made me uncomfortable. Any volunteer I beg your merciful to constructs my multiple posts into one post without changing it information.



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