Tensions in Western Bhar el Ghazal as an army General is arrested | RB

Nearly one and half weeks later after inmates broke out of the prison, another threat hits Wau, the Western Bhar el Ghazal State Capital. According to a message posted by a media activist that reads below.

“The Peace Agreement is in a fuse,” writes the activist before rolling on to report the quagmire in the State’s capital.

The fourth Division Deputy’s Commander of ” Nahr Jour” Gen. Bol Wek, was Arrested yesterday in Wau by the government forces and they carry out an attack against the SPLA-IO Military Barrack of Western Bahr al-Ghazal. Gen. Wek is now in Detention in Tonj.

Is it a Declaration of War?

Media Activist: Jonga Adut Zacharia

(Photo: Wau inmates after rearresting by SSPDF. Source: Ramciel Broadcasting)

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