Suspected SSDF members robbed Kajo-Keji Christian College | Central Equatoria

Photo: KajoKeji. Source: Wikipedia.

22/06/2020, (RB) – the report which appear herein is a press statement released by the management of Kajo-Keji Christian College as a result of a robbery incident which occurred on Saturday 20th of June 2020. The press statement reads:

With dismay and condemnation of
the strongest term possible, Kajo-
Keji Christian College announces the
invasion and robbery of its
compound at Romogi on Saturday 20
th of June, 2020 at evening hours by
six armed men in military uniform.
The assailants took the following
from the American Refugee
Committee (ARC) International South
Sudan Program, which this

to render humanitarian assistance
to desperate returnees:

US Dollars Seventeen Thousand
Three Hundred-Sixty Nine($17,
South Sudanese Pounds Twenty
Three Thousand, Four Hundred
and Fifty Six
(SSP 23, 456)
Uganda Shillings One Million,
Two Hundred and Eighty-Six
Thousand (UGX 1,

They also robbed a laptop and two
telephones from Norwegian Refugee
Council (NRC) compound within the
church premises.
The assailants also reportedly took
South Sudanese Pounds Ten
Thousand (SSP 10, 000) from young
people they met on their way-out.
The uniformed men have been
carefully observed to be members of
South Sudan People’s Defence Force

(SSPDF) who are supposed to
protect the civil population and its
There is further reason to believe
the force is behind the incident
because it is in control of the
It is weird that members of the
organised force are turning against
aid providers and the citizens.
The act is irresponsible and malicious
because it is scaring away
organisations, which are sacrificing

lives of their staff and assets to
save our citizenry. The attackers
have even no respect for the church
premises, which is a sanctuary
according to International Laws.
The management of Kajo-Keji
Christian College charges the
military command of the SSPDF in
Kajo-Keji County, Central Equatoria
State to conduct immediate
identification parade to arrest the
errant soldiers to recover the funds
and return to the ARC management
with immediate effect.

The military command will only prove
its responsibility and save its face
by recovering the funds otherwise
the act is a bad gesture at a time of
peace recovery.
The management calls upon the
force to desist from these flagrant
attack snow and forever.

The SSDPF spokesperson is however yet to respond to these claims. The insecurity of the country continue to deteriorate amidst peace implementation period.

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