Sultan Lam Tunguar and his Associates Misinformed the Public on his unconstitutional Endorsement

Hon. Lam Tungwar protected by his bodyguards. Photo: suppliedHon. Lam Tungwar protected by his bodyguards. Photo: supplied

” What is wrong will always be wrong and no amount of drama can make it right.“

The Freedom Hall celebration of the 19th, January, 2021 was a complete attempt to steal the trust and confidence of the Leek people using games and doubts dealing.

First of all there is nothing like Greater Leek Community Association (GLCA) by registration.

We are known as Leek Community Association (LCA). Although, I respect the people who appeared in the shame celebration specially, Sultan Tungwar Kueiguong, H.E the Vice President of the Republic and our brother H.E the Presidential Adviser, Hon. Tut Gatluak just to mention a few of them. The Leek community considered the Freedom Hall celebration as nothing but a simple music concert and a traditional dances occasion. And we condemn it in strongest term possible those who misinformed our dignitaries of the challenges the Leek community Association is going through.

The Leek Community Association is a none partisan community base organization which aim to address purely Leek issues regardless of their political affiliations.

We urge those who want to politicize it for their vested interests to stop and allow the people with good intention to lead the people.

As a matter of fact, I appeal to our people wherever they are to remain calm and wait until the real Leek Community Association leadership is elected, instead of the so-called Greater Leek Community Association that does not exist as per registration documents.

We have now seen with clear eyes the invisible and destructive hand of Governor Manytuil in the affairs of Leek community.

We must reject his attempt to rule the Leek community by proxy and install into leadership one of the unacceptable characters without any democratic form of election as per the Leek Community Association rules and constitution.

Finally, we the Leek Community condemn the freedom hall cheap celebration and the previous activities. We urge Lam to respect the norms of our community and denounces the shame election and oath taking.

I thank you


Buay Keake Turoal-Thachjokuei- Mp

Principal & and aspirant

Leek Community Association- Juba



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