Sudan may seek UN help in a flood that displaced nearly 1 million

Siga Afdala state, Khartoum, Sudan. One week outpouring of rain. Photo: suppliedSiga Afdala state, Khartoum, Sudan. One week outpouring of rain. Photo: supplied

In a surged of flooding that is not seen in more than 50 years, Sudan may be seeking help from the International Community-United Nations in particular. The flood displaced half a million of the city’s residents, officials.

The Sudanese capital is submerged in a massive water outpouring from one week of rainfall.

The entire Siga Afdala state is turned into a lake. Part of Jeezra Tuti, Jeeraf and Abuhamam is nearly taken by the massive 6 days swamping.

With a fragile economy, Khartoum citizens find no help from their government and maybe seeking United Nations intervention.

Ahmed, who spoke to Ramciel reporter from Khartoum said, it has been 3 days with no government assistance or direction. Their only hope could be the international community. He calls upon the UN to quickly intervene to help save the already despairing population.

“All we need is help. Help from anywhere since our government is overpowered by this natural disaster.”

According to a government official speaking to Ramciel from Omdurman, Khartoum is vulnerable to help its citizens due to the economic hardship the current is facing since the former president, Bashir was ousted by the civilians from the power.

“The country has no financial capacity to deal with natural disasters like a flood or any of that. We are working to recover the economy from the previous administration of President Bashir.” Hassan a local official in Khartoum city told Ramciel this afternoon. His family is now living on top of 4 Storey building owned by his cousin in Siga Afdala state, Khartoum.

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