Statement on Condolences to Passing of a Towering Lou Nuer Figure, John Luk Jok

Dr. John Luk Joak/ photo supplied.

With deep grief, The Lou Nuer Community Council is saddened by the demise of their son, Honorable John Luk Jok in the early hours of Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 at his residence in Juba. Molana Luk was 68 years young when he collapsed on that fateful morning that leaves many of us in shock.

Late John was the current Interim Chairman of Lou Nuer Community Council, taking over from Late elder Gabriel Yoal Dok in less than three months. He played a central role in Lou Nuer community affairs since his youth, and after his graduation from the University of Khartoum in 1977 where he studied law, he worked in administration and legislature in the then Southern Sudan Regional Government.  

After graduation from the University of London in 1982, he organized and persuaded many to join the cause for South Sudan liberation struggle and subsequently became amongst the first of Lou Nuer sons created a great imprint into what became an Independent South Sudan today.  Late Luk ‘s passion is in state-building and that explains his great contributions in drafting the first transitional constitution of South Sudan, which is considered by many to be his brainchild.  It is said that death could not wait so that he witnesses the final steps for a permanent constitution-making, nevertheless, the foundation has been laid. Many would attest that brother John Luk was a man of principle who does not mince his words and always fights for what he believes is right. His records within the legal community, friends, family, and during his contribution during the 21-year civil war, as the spokesperson for SPLA/M, and member of the National Liberation Council validates his personality.

Late brother Luk is an impeccable statesman and has demonstrated excellence for the last 15 years holding 5 different ministerial portfolios with the Government of South Sudan.  He will greatly be missed by South Sudan, Lou Nuer Community, and his family in Akobo, and elsewhere.

On behalf of Lou Nuer Community Council, In passing our own condolences, I would also like to thank everyone that had sent in and came to pay their condolences at the residence of Late Hon. John Luk Jok.  We received countless phone calls and visits that are evidence of the impact that John had in many people all over South Sudan. I equally thank the institution of the Presidency of South Sudan under the leadership of Salva Kiir for according the deserved attention and sending condolences through his First Vice President Dr. Machar to make sure that Minister John Luk is buried according to the wishes of his family in his hometown of Akobo.

May God bless Lou Nuer Community

Bless the family of Late Luk!

Long Live BorChar, Lou Nuer

Lou Nuer Community Council,

John Jooyul Yol

Secretary General

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