SSUF/A members decry of being hunt down by the national security Agents

Col. Philip Deng Kuol, spokesman of FUFL/PHOTO SUPPLIEDCol. Philip Deng Kuol, spokesman of FUFL/PHOTO SUPPLIED

A colonel within the South Sudan United Army led by the former Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. King Paul Malong Awan on Friday decry of insecurities facing members of the movement.

Col. Philip Jima widely known on social media as Philip Deng Kuol, told Ramciel on Friday that his life is in critical danger as thousands of dollars were spent to hunt him down by the South Sudan National Security.

Col. Philip speaking to Ramciel in an undisclosed location in South Sudan said despite the peace agreement being implemented, the government continues to engage to hunt members of SSUM/A down for no apparent reason.

“It has been quite over 2 years when SSNS under the directive of Gen. Akol Koor has been hunting me down. The objective is to capture and deport me to Juba, and then to Blue House.”

“I do condemn this move in the strongest term possible. This is not a time for kidnapping the opposition officials, this is a time of transforming the country from war to peaceful co-existence.” He added.

Since his appointment last in 2019 as an official military spokesman of FULF, Philip gained massive popularity for his role.

FULF emerged with SSUF/A last year forming a coalition party in a peace talk in Rome. Philip is being single out, he said just to silence the opposition members.

“If they catch me, that would be a total violation of Rome Peace Talk”

Philip in the new coalition with SSUF/A, he was promoted to the rank of Major.

Gen. Dickson Gatluak Jock, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of FULF was not available to comment.

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