SSUF/A and Real SPLM allegedly on ill plans

File Photo/Source/Radio Tamazuj: Hon. Pagan Amum Okiech, former SPLM Secretary General, former member of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) negotiation team and leader of Real SPLM, an opposition group, RoSS

SSUF/A-Malong and Real SPLM joint Press Release confirmed their ill plans

By: Badi Bangwa Ndama
Pretoria, South Africa,

SSUF/A-Malong and Real SPLM Joint Press Release on October 14, 2020, confirmed that the two factions were expecting to turn the Rome-Initiative-provided-platform to a redemption ground for the ligaturing of the peace process that they had already reached with specifically Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial elsewhere.

For sometimes, Malong’s group had been bragging about achieving a deal so soon, reliable sources confirmed. The group had no remorse on their decision to achieve any deal that would take them to Juba even at the expense of abandonment of discussing the root causes of the raging conflict in South Sudan.

They see returning to Juba so quickly would be a recourse from several of their other problems and that they had agreed with forces inside Juba that they have to return and work together in toppling Salva Kiir and his despicable National Congress Party( NCP) converts.

This decision came at the backdrop of protracted negotiations initiated between Malong and Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial who is allegedly looking for strong partners and he perceived Malong as one such partner. He offered several options in terms of seats to Malong including that of H.E. Taban Deng Gai and that several of many sons of Aweil in the cabinet will be eliminated and particularly, H.E. Hussein Abdelbagi Ayiei whom Malong had authorized his attack boys to insult in the social media two weeks ago and then Hon. Dhieu Mathok, Hon. Kuol Athian and Hon. Albino Bol Dhieu, all must fall as part of the said deal.

Malong also demanded for removal of Akol Koor and had as well demanded for his subsequent trial for murder of allegedly sons of Aweil a report recently circulated corroborated.

This deal was proven right by the said press release and it stated that Nhial Deng Nhial on behalf of the government of South Sudan strongly expressed that security sector reforms cannot be made without Gen. Paul Malong and Gen. Oyay Deng Ajak because they both were part of liberation.

If Nhial has expressed strongly that reforms cannot happen in the security sector unless with involvement of Malong; then nothing is left here for deduction as this is an affirmation of Nhial’s plans on arriving at a deal with Malong in fulfillment of his process of recruiting from rebel camps those he perceived as right hand men whom they will fight together.

As well, the press release regretted that the government didn’t take advantage of the split within the opposition Movements alliance and overly praised Nhial and put blames on the Community of Sant’Egidio for not forcing SSOMA to accept the outcasts and particularly, SSUF/A-Malong so that it could achieve its pre-determined position and render effective the agreement they brokered with Nhial in the expense of the suffering South Sudanese and on whose behalf; SSOMA takes pride of championing for their liberty and specifically by addressing the root causes of the conflict.

The press release has cited a series of side meetings with the government despite the fact that the two groups (Real SPLM and SSUF/A-Malong) were barred from the true negotiations as SSOMA engaged with the government of South Sudan’s delegations to the eventual initially of two important documents namely, recommitment to CoHA and the Declaration of Principles.

The press release by Hon. Barnaba Marial and a press conference in Rome by Marial and Thomas Cirillo conjoined with Sant’Egidio representative in the person of Dr. Paolo Impagliazzo confirmed the same without mentioning of Real SPLM and SSUF/A-Malong in spite of the later’s false claims of stalled negotiations.
It is shameless of the briefcase movements in question to alter events and claim participation in the face of glaring facts that they can’t deny.

Real SPLM and SSUF/A-Malong were only saving their faces but the truth is, they are serving suspension terms, unless otherwise.

Their plans were that, they needed Sant’Egidio platform as a redemption haven but these ulterior motives were discovered before harming the process.

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