SSSAK’s interim government condemns ‘self swearing in members’ as leaders

SSSAK Interim Leader Kuei MawienSSSAK Interim Leader Kuei Mawien

The disturbed South Sudanese Students’ Association in Kenya (SSSAK) is yet going through another wrecked times as the new interim board try to fix things.

Met by supposedly retired leaders whose terms have come to an end nearly two years ago, the association is rocked by internal war that pity the interim executive and the new self swearing in members in hotels. The rest of the students are left hanging somewhere in-between.

The self swearing in members are assuming office and with some declaring themselves as the new “Presidents” and others on various posts.

According to a recent resolution by the council, the former leaders (Ayuel Taupiny and Tom Gatdel) are impeached; interim executive appointed, then General Elections shall take place after 6 months. But now even on much stronger urges, the two are advising others to proceed with the suspended General Elections even before the first of the 6 months is done.

According to a letter extended to Ramciel Broadcasting, the interim executive is advising the students not to partake in such practices as it works to fix things and restore the SSSAK glory.



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