SSPDF army turning against civilians in Tonj, killing several civilians | RB

South Sudan People’s Defense Force have today murdered civilians before the civilians coming into self defense. The incident happened in Tonj East’s Romic town and spread to the nearby town of Luanyjang. The Soldiers under the command of Gen. Bol Akot have killed what eye witnessed said to be more than 10 people with several others injured. First, two people were shot dead and the tension between the disarmament unit of the SSPDF escalated, with more people being killed.

The killing was deliberate and in the last two months, there have been reports that the army of which comprising of the national security body have been indiscipline causing chaos in the market and as well as harassment of the civil population. As of today, nobody was allowed to walk freely as the area has turned into warzone.

The incident that is ongoing is pitying the civilians from Romic and Luanyjag in Tonj East exchanging fire with the army.

More than 300 people have already been displaced so far with hundreds injured.

The Warrap State’s Tonj East incident is yet to be confirmed what let the solider kill the first two civilians intentionally as the first ordeal.

(Photo credits: Juba TV, civilians fleeing Tonj East town of Romic today)

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