SSIRA calls for an end to war, proposed a new solution to ends communal violence in South Sudan

May 21, 2020 (RB), In an official statement issued to the media outlets on Thursday, South Sudan Institute for Research and Advocacy (SSIRAA), a South Sudanese Think Tank based in Washington D.C calls for an immediate end to war and communal violence in South Sudan.

“South Sudanese are going through a difficult time at the moment. It seems like the nascent nation is sliding backward.  It is shocking to see continuous violence ripping through South Sudan unabated” read the statement seen by Ramchiel Broadcasting editorial team.
The organisation which was formed 6 months ago is shocked with the widespread of guns violence in the world’s young nation despite the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU). The organisation was alarmed by the recent attacks on Lou Nuer by their neighboring community, Murle; the escalation of communal violence in the Lakes State that is now evolving into military campaign.
“On Saturday May 16, 2020 Uror County in Jonglei State came under heavy attack from armed youth from Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) killing 242 with 370 wounded. On April 29, 2020 communal violence took the lives of 3 people with 2 injuries in Wau County of Western Bahr El Ghazel State. On April 14, 2020 seven (7) people were killed in Twic County of Warrap State. On March 28, 2020 thirteen (13) people were killed and 16 wounded in Rumbek, Lakes State followed by 40 people killed with over 60 wounded last week”
The organisation wondered why the government is not being alert by this serious communal violence across South Sudan. However, the organisation came up with several vital solutions to these continued attacks.
“After much consultation with our experts, the best possible solution to end this communal violence in South Sudan is to adopt the following mechanisms:
1.   Immediate formation of county and state governments to begin widespread communal reconciliation among the communities in conflict and to maintain security including deployment of the security forces to create border security.2.I   Immediate intervention of the local leaders to reach out to their respective communities to quell the conflict.3.    Engagement of community leaders by the government of South Sudan to solve this endless communal violence.4.    Government should reach out to communities’ chiefs and discuss the possibility of face to face reconciliations and negotiations and make venues available for conferences so that communities can settle their differences peacefully.5.        Accountability for those who continue to wreak havoc on other communities should be held responsible for their actions. Communal violence will continue to plague South Sudan if revenge killing is to replace justice and accountability.  Education is the long-term solution for underlying issues about communal unrest. People usually hate things they do not understand and often destroy things they hate. Therefore, exposing youth to other communities through education will make them understand that other communities are fellow citizens who cherish security, peace, unity and prosperity as much as they do. 

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