SPLM-IO in Egypt Denies speculations on defections to Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual.

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Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual has in the past weeks become a hot cake in South Sudan. Reports imaged yesterday of a group claiming that the  The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In-Opposition (SPLM-IO) in Arab Republic of Egypt loyal to the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar has defected and joined Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual.
The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-In-Opposition (SPLM-IO) based in Egypt clearly responded to the speculated unconfirmed reports and denied the widespread rumors that the opposition office in Egypt parked their bags and boarded the Kitgwang voyage under the leadership of Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual.
In a press conference held in Egyptian capital Cairo last week, a group that identified itself as SPLM-IO informed the media that they have joined the Kitgwang declaration under the leadership of Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual and stated. The group also allegedly confirmed toi the press that they gained full support from opposition members in Egypt and neighboring North African countries relatedly.
Additionally, Gattiek Wichar, the SPLM-IO Chapter spokesman in Egypt has strongly denied the report. In his statement to clear the mist in the South Sudanese atmosphere, the spokesperson confirmed to supporters and members of the SPLM/A-IO movement under the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny, that the current document circulating on social media isn’t only white lie but it is also something which amount to crime.
He further said that the self-proclaimed SPLM_IO representative in Egypt identified as Chukwan Phillip Achwil forged the headed paper belonging to SPLM_IO,an issue that is tantamounted to prominent  investigation.
The spokesperson of SPLM_IO  in Egypt also restored full faith in the supporters and members of the group that all its structures in Egypt are still under full control of the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Teny-Dhurgon as mentioned in the R-ARCSS and their leaders will stay until the elections are held.
He said they still owe special honor to senior opposition commander Gatwech Dual but advises him to disconnect with some political opportunists whose mission is to trade the name of Simon Gatwech Dual for their individual gains.
In his statement, Gattiek Wichar accorded respect  to Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual as senior commander who fought many wars for the quest of freedom and asked him at the same time to disengage himself with bunch of political opportunists who wants to use his name to achieve their political objectives warning the opposition leader that he needs to take precautions in his decisions following his defection early last month.
On 4th of August, 2021 Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual declared what he called Kitgwang declaration as SPLM/A-IO movement based in Magenis and announced himself as its ring leader. Last week he appointed Former Deputy Chairman of SPLM-IO, Henry Odwar as head of political wing.
Conclusively, Gattiek Wichar  requested the SPLM/A-IO leadership in Egypt  both supporters and members to remain committed to the implementation of the peace agreement and should not succumb to speculations and news spread widely by the enemies of peace in the country whose goals are to jeopardize the peace process as planed by the international community.
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