SPLM IO High Level Official Criticized Machar’s Lavish Birthday Party Amid Instability in The Young Nation

June 07, 2020 (RB), Hon. Duer Tut Duir, a high level official and person of influence within the rebels’ movement (SPLM/A-IO), on Monday criticized Dr. Riek Machar, the current Chairman of the movement and the First Vice President of the republic of South Sudan for celebrating an expensive extravagant birthday party and marriage anniversary amid worsening instability in the world’s young nation.

Duer, a vocal reformist and an influential figure within South Sudan and the Nuer community in particular, decried Machar for not focusing on the issues affecting the young nation and the opposition in particular.

In a social media (Facebook) post shared widely by his sympathizers and concern citizens, he wrote in French;

“Malheur des uns, fait le bonheur des autres”, loosely translates, the misfortune of some makes the happiness of others.

He went ahead to question if the September 2018, Khartoum Peace Agreement that gained Dr. Machar the First Vice President’s seat belongs to the people of South Sudan or to a few elites.

“The September 2018, Khartoum Peace agreement, does not belong to the people of South Sudan, but to the elites who signed it for themselves, this is why people are celebrating at Hayet Amarat in Juba despite: the Fighting and killings in different places in Unity State; rampant insecurity in Jikany area; fighting in Phou between the SPLA-IO and the white army; fighting in the POC in Juba; killing of unarmed civilians in Sherikat; many wounded Lou Nuer youth under precarious conditions in Juba Hospitals”

While addressing his concerns, he also posted the following questions to the general public:

“Is it possible for a father and a mother (a Leader and his wife) to celebrate their marriage and birthdays:

– When their children are being killed in Unity State?

– When their children are killing themselves in POC?

– When their wounded children are in a precarious condition in various Hospitals in Juba?

– When their own forces are fighting amongst themselves in Phou?

– The time of the Sherikat incident?

– The time of passing on of John Luk Joack.

He warned that failure to take care of the vulnerable today is lack of leadership. Of recent, Hon. Duer came out openly to criticize Dr. Machar for mismanaging the war against President Kiir and the disintegration of the SPLM/A-IO. He promised to reform the Movement. 

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