SPLM history repeating itself

South Sudanese leaders in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during the peace talk/2016South Sudanese leaders in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during the peace talk/2016

Opinion by: Marial Mangar Akol


As if SPLMs are allergic to what would be their achievement. 

Now as you read this, Only vice President Adhalbagi Ayii in the presidency that’s not an SPLM member, and 80% out of R-TGoNU cabinets are all SPLM members regardless of the suffix few had added to SPLM to make it look different politically. All of them have the same perceptions against the country and the people. They all have nepotism, they employ their relatives, friends, have tribalism, and much of all, they equally encourage illiteracy I.e the promotion of illiterate Generals in the army and other organized forces.

SPLM members have premature political calculations when it comes to who will be the flag bearer in the coming period, more especially when they have concerns about elections at their nose. 

Just like today’s political affairs, the SPLM/A leadership had once in 2003-2004 almost buried the movement even before the agreement was being materialized as they divided the movement into two, forsaking who would be the next leader. In the tranquillity conference held in Rumbek for reactivation of morals, the majority of the existing senior members of SPLM were among supporters of reconciled leaders of the SPLA and a few were mediators.

After the volatile military atmosphere was exhausted & extinguished, they finally had CPA celebrated in Naivasha, Kenya that gave birth to South Sudan. 

Since SPLM realized they had a country and had no other strong political party at their sight. They began to wrangle among themselves over the party leadership ahead of the 2015 elections. 

The period between 2011 to today 2021 would still remain in history as another period every SPLMs individual proclaimed to liberate us from bad governance leaving behind procedural was their party vision and missions be accomplished because a leader loyal to the party can’t use guns to own party vision and missions.

As my input to other statements, I have read purported to have been released by Cde. Kuol and Cde. Awet on other social media platforms, Am sober to honestly tell them that you (SPLMs leaders) all have allergies to your achievements. They all have premature ejaculation or should I call it exclamations. Once they see the light that they had lit ahead of them.

They would usually turn against themselves, each flowing the wind to flames the light more visible and blah blah!! Even in SPLM-IO, what caused the 2016 war was a premature calculation for leadership within their camp which in fact ended Taban Deng Gai honey’s hive now an empty wax. What I don’t know is whether this was how initial SPLM cadres were trained in the Bush or what they have stolen somewhere, we will still know. 

This post is a protest against my senior members of SPLM who are confessing at dawn hours when we have hope if this agreement is implemented in letter and spirit, the Country would be restored but their statements are received with scarring and worrisome. 

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