SPLM has been a great party and will always remain great: a response to a misplaced attack made by Tarir Makoi

SPLM Party members take tour with president Salva KiirSPLM Party members take tour with president Salva Kiir

By Dr. John Jur Chol

In the early hours of today, I wake up on my bed just to prepare for my examination paper due this evening. After some time reading, I felt like refreshing my mind and Facebook became my recreation center. Surprisingly, at the onset, I landed my eyes on Tarir Makoi’s post.

Not until I was attracted back by the comments below it, I first ignored it just like his usual unnecessary writings. I was wondering why this particular post of him becomes so popular like this in the morning before people take tea. My eyes blinked for I didn’t believe that Tarir Makoi could publicly attack SPLM as a whole.

Dear Tarir, your claim of who will hear your unfounded allegation is that we the SPLM have heard you loud and clear.

SPLM is a party of those who listen. In your second claim, you talked of SPLM of always stripping what you called ‘first-class cadres’ of their rights and accused the same party of always molding the incompetent members that you referred to as ‘yes men’.

You continued to degrade its greatness and swore that the miracle of doing wonders will never happen at this party.

I didn’t know the number one beneficiary can, without fear, opened his dirty mouth against the mighty SPLM. until when did Tarir become to know this cheap propaganda? Is he one of the ‘yes men’ or is he Accusing his boss in the National youth union on the ticket of the SPLM?

The description made against SPLM is a misplaced one. SPLM has never been stripping the rights of competent cadres as claimed by Tarir Makoi without justifications.

It is the same SPLM, after many years of frustration under the hope tree in Haithora, that pulled the same Tarir up to where he is today. It was because of the said competency that made him be delegated and subsequently appointed as information Secretary on the ticket of SPLM.

Does Tarir want to tell us that he is not competent? It is the same party that recommended him for employment at Nilepet in which he has recently signed a contract for the second time after the first termination because of his misbehaviors and yet he is still complaining. Tarir must be a blue man.

Dear comrades, the true members of SPLM, it is the high time the intruders of Tarir’s calibers must be known and deal with accordingly.

They cannot continue to milk this country through SPLM and in return vomit venom against it after satisfaction. If Tarir was to be a cadre, he would have been charged for violating the SPLM principle of not exposing party weakness publicly instead of within party premises. He would be liable for investigation if he was one.

Tarir is a known civil society activist who has been leading South Sudan Jobless Association. It was through his activities in this Association that made him lose the position of South Sudan General Students Union’s steering committee chairmanship.

SPLM sympathized with him by allowing him to be assigned to other portfolios within the party hoping that he would change.

Dear comrades, as Tarir continues without appreciation, it is the high time he must face the party rough and the followings must be done;

  1. Call on Governor of Lakes state to without delay withdraw the SPLM ticket which took him to the National Youth union and be given to a loyal and trained cadre.
  2. Call on the able chairman of the national youth union Cde Gola Boyoi to dismiss him and replace him with the cadre being nominated from the state and particularly in his constituency.
  3. Be sent first for party training if he is willing to change and serve in other capacities.

Finally, I call on all South Sudanese not to buy this cheap propaganda against SPLM. The core principle of our party is equality in all aspects.

Be it; competency, race, gender among others, are areas of the party’s greatness. With or without Tarir, SPLM is great and will always be great.

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