SPLA-IO Sector 1 preparing to break away from Machar’s leadership

SPLM/A-IO may face further but worse division ever take place since its inception in 2013. In the coming months, things may never be the same again an IO military officer from Mt. Magennis told Ramciel on Friday by WhatsApp.

When is this taking place, he did not specify. However, the tension is high as the sector prepared to break away from the movement.

Several soldiers suspected of being loyal to Machar are arrested.

The IO Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual is aware of this move.

According to the sources who asked his identity remains unspecified because he was not authorized to discuss important details regarding this topic, the IO is inevitably facing difficulties but the worse is about to occur.

“IO as you know the enemies try to break it down, but we stood strong. However, the recent decision made by the chairman of the movement has disappointed many, including the top military generals. If Machar cannot convince Salva Kiir while in Juba for peace, then it is clear nothing he can do now.”

The reason he said, is fueled by the appointment of Hon. Abudok was the governor of Upper Nile instead of Olony. This makes it hard for generals to keep up with the pressure from their soldiers who each day are growing out of the patient.

“All I can say is the soldiers are tired. They are growing out of the patient. Their request is simple, we can manage ourselves without Machar and his men in Juba.” He added.

Sector 1 is one of the largest sectors in SPLM/A-IO and being command by Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony. They are ruthless and power amounting to close to 50-80,000 active soldiers.

They can overrun Greater Upper Nile in less than three months, alleged the sources. But he failed to mention where they get their support.
South Sudan’s peace is under threat. The implementation process is taking longer than expected.

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