June 02, 2020 (RB) Col. Lam Pual Gabriel, on Tuesday warned South Sudanese that SPLMIO is not a tribal entity as alleged by what he termed as “power hungry politicians” who are misusing the name of the movement for their own selfish benefits. Lam was responding to people within South Sudan government who are framing IO as Nuer movement.

“The SPLA-IO of recent, has been under attacks from tribal politicians projecting their tribalism towards the people’s Movement and leadership”

He outlined a series of events with people blaming IO for the civilian chaos.

“In February/2020, when inter-communal conflicts erupted in Pibor, the SPLA-IO was accused because the youths that carried out the attacks came from Lou Nuer area.

In May/2020, when cattle raids happened in Pariang, the SPLA-IO was accused because the youth that carried out the raids went from Nuer land”

He lashed out to NAS supporters who accused the movement as Nuer tribal movement.

“On 30th, NAS forces attacked and killed one SPLA-IO soldier at Busia border, Morobo county. They bragged that they killed a Nuer”

The spokesman also decried out to the politicians in NADAFA of accusing SPLA-IO of what is possible preparation to attack the Murle in Pibor.

“Today the 02/06/2020, Dr. Darius Hakim of the so called NADAFA in a cry-for-recognition letter, accused the SPLA-IO of preparing to attack the Murle in Pibor.

This uselessness has become a joke to many anti peace and power-hungry politicians” he wrote on his social media account, Facebook.  

“The SPLA-IO is a National movement that cannot be reduced to a tribal entity.

The SPLA-IO would like to make it categorically clear to those tribal minded individuals that; this cheap tribal inferiority complex you have will not derail the SPLA-IO from implementing the reforms needed in this country. This country needs peace and unity not tribalism. We will reform your tribal ideas peacefully; count on that” he warned.

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