SPLA-IO deserting Training Centers

SPLA-IO soldier walking toward Malakal, 2014. Photo supplied.

SPLA-IO soldiers abandoning training sites across the country as the implementation of the peace process continue to have obstacles.

The latest reports reaching Ramciel Broadcasting revealed that soldiers loyal to South Sudan’s First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny are now deserting the training sites, according to a reliable source.

Speaking to (Martha not her real name) who attended 3 months of training at Rajaf military training center, a site 10 kilometres away from the capital. She said members of the IO are leaving the training center in big numbers.

She is no longer at the center.

“They are mistreating us. No food, no proper place to sleep. People, there are not serious. We don’t know when we shall be graduating.”

“I left the center because nothing serious is going on. They promised to do better but things are not going as planned. People already left. Many are leaving, anyway.” She added.

Ramciel Broadcasting spoke to members of the SPLA-IO in Yomding, Ulang county, Sobat State who disclosed that nothing serious is going on. Many of them already left for their homes.

Lt. Gen. Yieh Dak left Yomding county after being threatened by the SPLA-IO soldiers loyal to honourable Duer Tut Duir, a critic to Dr. Machar’s leadership who is championing to replaces him.

Duer has been vocal about the reform within the IO. He has massive support in diaspora and in the ground, especially members of IO who felt this peace is not going to work.

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