Why Babu’s case confused many after the final verdict

Babu in CourtBabu in Court


•The prosecution team and defense lawyers of Babu Emmanuel made their final submissions to the court. Babu’s defense lawyer Simon Akeny insisted that his client was innocent.

•On Friday, after the final touches, a Court in Juba made the final verdict on Babu’s case.

•Many have welcomed the court’s ruling yes, but many have also confused about the case.

•Babu initially accepted the charges but later denied them too.

•The question many ask is why the suspect decided to kill the children; a question which is left for the individuals to conclude since court gave no information as to why the suspect killed the children.

•Roughly two weeks ago, the mother of the killed children was apprehended by police after being caught at the airport trying to sneak to Egypt (before court’s final verdict) where it is allegedly said that her ‘second husband’ resides.

•She later apologized saying she was getting rid of trauma; possibly taking a rest.

After pictures streamed online and a video of the court case broadcasted by Eye Radio, many began to congratulates the Judge while many also began to doubt if Babu is the one who killed the three children.

The court case was sped up despite the prime suspect denying the charges.

24-year-old Babu Emmanuel was the prime suspect for the gruesome murder of three siblings Lydia Edward, 9, Blessing Edward, 7, and their 4-year-old sister Nura Edward two months ago at their home in Juba’s Rock City suburb.

High court Justice Duoth Kulang Bichiok read the ruling as below.

“In accordance with section 224 of the criminal procedure act 2008, the court has found that the accused person is guilty to the charges of murder under section 206 of the Penal Code Act. The death sentence against the convicted Babu Emmanuel Lokiri as follows; 1. The convict Babu Emmanuel Lokiri should be hanged by the neck until he is dead. 2, the case papers to be submitted to the Supreme Court for confirmation after 15 days of appeal. 3, the knife should be destroyed in the criminal court by the court police. Issued under my signature and seal of the court in Juba today 26th October 2020, I Duoth Kulang Bishok high court judge Juba.”

Asked by the court, what should be done to the convict before a ruling was made, the children’s parents called for retribution and Babu was dimmed.

“Let him die the way my children died. He slaughtered my children like sheep if the court can slaughter him like a sheep, let it be done to him so that he would feel the pain that Naomi, Blessing, and Nura felt,” the slain children’s father Edward Andrew Loboka said.

Gilda Kenda Kedion, the children’s mother said, “This man killed my children in a very brutal way. If there is a death sentence it would be good for him because he may do the same again later.”

There have been several cases where citizens have said the mother to have been the mastermind of such sinisterly act.

Some say it was an act of human sacrifice to cult but they could not explain the motives behind such.

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