South Sudan’s Female Presidential Hopeful, Suzanne Jambo, congratulate president-Elect, Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris

South Sudan's First Female presidential Hopeful, Hon. Suzanne Jambo/photo suppliedSouth Sudan's First Female presidential Hopeful, Hon. Suzanne Jambo/photo supplied

Restoring humanity is our win, CONGRATULATIONS America!

Humans are not perfect. There is not one individual winner when rescuing our humanity, we all are!  Empathy and love for one another are crucial toward healing and resetting a solid foundation for better, healthier human relationships and partnerships. Too much mistrust and deeply rooted wounds have shaped our world’s policies, for far too long, the result of which included the 19th century macho wars, today’s greed, terrorism, biological threats, and climate change.

Frankly, human love is the only option we must choose toward human perfection. Humanity always STRIVES TOWARDS improvement and happiness, a non-selfish feeling that radiates and comes back to us. We shouldn’t be consumed by skeptics of love, the possibilities of healing our world or “loss” of immediate material gains, pessimism is easily overcome once human love begins to flow.

The realms of love shall allure all, gradually. Personally, I no longer look at issues from partisan, gender, age… perspectives, rather improvement of our humanity. It is paramount to rally behind leaders who bring out the best in us, those who emphasize on togetherness, toward our collective healing and happiness. Divisive politics are selfish and dangerously injurious, to us all.

For those of us who hail from South Sudan, and some other parts of Africa, we live in such man-made pain; for decades, sadly, we are familiar with those who seek political power by seeding mistrust, ethnic hate, division, fear, and consequently intimidate and rule by oppression. “Divide and rule, divide and conquer” has been the strategy perfected historically by oppressors. 

Today’s US President-Elect Joe Biden’s win is uplifting to the broken souls who are deeply hurt by daily bullying, arrogance, divisive politics, racism, inequality, misogyny, bigotry and intimidation. Simply put, it is “a win for the broken hearted, a win of good over evil… a win of minorities, immigrants and the homeless, of future generations, our planet….”. 

For very long America has been a home for all, especially the socio-culturally-religiously and politically persecuted, and, immigrants who yearn for the “American Dream.” 

Humanity always dreams. 

We are beautifully reminded by Martin Luther King’s “those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” The Democratic Party organized well and protected America’s 200+ years old democracy. The American People, regardless of partisan politics and race, united in their grief and spoke in honor of their loved ones who died during COVID19, in honour of all the George Floyds’ “I can’t breathe.” 

On this day, we humble ourselves before God to thank Him for all lesson’s humanity takes on one of the most controversial leaders of the 20th century. The number one lesson we must take, united we are always stronger and shall thereupon safeguard our…. In South Sudan, as our way to push back against tyranny, wars and bitter ethnic divisions, we, the People, always humbly advise one another, “Let’s grieve and heal together.

Let’s put aside any revengeful, egoistic and animosity talk, let’s speak with love and caring for one another.” Let’s grieve and heal together. I humbly extend this advice to all Americans. For this is the ultimate win, humanity needs one another. 

Step by step we strive toward a better humanity and planet. We keep America in our prayers. 

Most sincerely,

Suzanne Jambo

South Sudan 

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