South Sudanese Students in Ethiopia Call for Removal of The Education Attaché

May 22, 2020 (RB), Several South Sudanese students were injured on Thursday when they clashed with the Ethiopian securities at the embassy premises leaving two in critical condition. The students now demand for the removal of the education attaché accusing him of embezzling hundreds of thousands of USD meant for relieving of the COVID-19 inflicted hardships.

Speaking to their president, Andres Ghai, the leadership of the students’ board is calling for the removal of the education attaché Khor Malual Ruot, in Ethiopia with immediate effect.

“He called the police on us. Now 2 students are in critical condition, with several others injured. We were not vicious. We went there to ask for help because we are not getting our money” Andres told Ramciel Broadcasting on the phone from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

On Thursday afternoon, South Sudanese students in Ethiopian capital assembled at the embassy of South Sudan premises asking for relief COVID-19 funds promised by the government. However, Ethiopian securities were called on them and several injured and now two are in critical condition.

According to the student’s leader, the police dispersed the students who were peacefully demonstrating. This came after the government failed to fully deliver its promise of giving each student enough money to cater for their needs during covid-19 pandemic.

“The attack by Ethiopian police was ordered by the education attaché in the South Sudan Embassy here in Addis Ababa. When our students went to Embassy Enquire. As they were waiting for respond, the Education Attaché ordered the police to beat them, and two of those students are in critical condition”

“We have no food to eat and where to stay. He is not helping us. The students now are demanding for the removal of the education attaché. We believe he stole all the money meant for our relief. We are preparing a letter to Ambassador and to the minister of Higher Education and also the president of the republic”

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