South Sudanese Pound my foot – the night of Diamond Platnumz

FB IMG 16090150220366546Revellers stepping on SSp in Freedom Hall, Date 24-25, 2020 during the night of Peace Concert in Juba/Photo Supplied

The night of Diamond Platnumz was wild.

The revellers who paid $100 each and the VIPs with $300 each as entrance fee forgot the important of the country’s money. This has been greatly criticized by the ordinary citizens and it is seen as a disrespect for the country.

While the promoters talked of US Dollar entrance amount, the South Sudanese Pound was nowhere to be mentioned as it has critically lost its value.

“I couldn’t believe it when I was some women throwing down our money which even the musicians themselves could not pick. I wonder where we are heading as a country,” Said Deng, a reveller who was there during the night of the Peace Concert.

It is estimated that the Tanzanian star bagged around 30 Billion South Sudan Pounds after his credible performance.

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