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South Sudanese Men in Skirts and not Trousers !

By Mary Nyibol Maker.

Three years ago, I started holding Live shows on Social media, and other arenas talking about our country’s affairs, particularly, the failures of our leadership, the lies, and deceits the failed leaders formulated to make ordinary people believe, the injustices that were taking place and continue to take place in the country on daily basis, the humiliation and torturing of each other while we’re brothers and sisters.

I cried out to my people not to buy into what our failed leaders were saying but to embrace ourselves as brothers and sisters. We’re a people who fought a common enemy so that we may be free in our own country. I never bought into the 2013/2016 wars being motivated by tribal traits, but rather, the fooling of the innocent majority into believing that there was a problem with each other.

As time went by, truths began to unveil themselves and the doomed leaders ran short of what to say or do. Their tactics were as narrow as their brains. The people of South Sudan also began to wake up from their deep sleep, and perhaps their dreams, and began to see clearly what took place and transpired after all the cons and vices.

2020 has been a tough year for the entire world, not just South Sudan, but it was also the time some people would’ve capitalized on by changing their ill-gotten behaviors and at least begin to be nice to their people, especially the leaders. But no, they careless and continued to do more horrific things to their fellow citizens amid the pandemic.

Honestly speaking, if our men weren’t reduced to wearing skirts rather than their trousers, wouldn’t things change at least for good in the nation? Would women be raped daily and our men watch on and remained silenced? Would our children roam the streets of Juba without one man standing up to put an end to it? Would the very veterans, the remnants of war stand begging, mistreated, or even die while their fellow men who are in trousers watch on? No! I highly doubt it!

Therefore, I am saying again, unapologetically, that our men have been reduced to nothing in the country through the use of power and greed! Fear was created in the few men who would’ve stood up tall, bold, and brave to face the few foolish elites!

So what next? Woman Power! Women are second to God because they bring forth life. A woman who carries a child in her womb for nine months has a choice to either carry that child or not. Women are the reason societies exist and continue to exist. Without a woman, I am quite sure there would be no generations to talk of.

So, women of South Sudan, when will we wake up and rescue our children, our fathers and mothers, our veterans, the orphans, widows, and widowers of our country, our husbands, our brothers, and our uncles? When will we depart from the men’s failed business and start our own business with the right stocks of peace, love, and unity?

I am calling upon women, all women of South Sudan, to think about themselves and the power God has given them and to use that power for the good of our nation. South Sudan needs us women and it needs us now! Peace will reign in South Sudan when women come out in their numbers and SAY NO to all sorts of injustices done in our country including the delayed peace deal.

Besides the recent indecency show conducted in South Sudan when a foreign musician was invited to Juba on the pretext of a peace concert when we could have nurtured our very own musician to spread peace across our ethnic multiplicity. A leader must uphold the morality of his subjects.

I am a woman and I don’t have a tribe!!! My tribe is South Sudan!

I am a woman and my children are ALL South Sudanese!

I am a woman and my husband comes from South Sudan.

I am a woman and my in-laws are South Sudanese.

Does it matter what tribe my husband comes from in South Sudan?

Does it matter what tribe my children come from in South Sudan?

Does it matter what tribe my in-laws come from in South Sudan?

Isn’t what matters the fact that WE ARE ALL SOUTH SUDANESE???





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