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It has been known that a good number of politicians and military generals are using witchcraft to maintain and get positions in the government. Here is what one witnessed have to say. But as for now, it is not yet clear if the forces can out do the power of people under unity which in this case, are South Sudanese citizens who long for change.


By: Madam Akuac Gregory

President Salva Kiir being misled by Sudanese Witchdoctor flown into Juba from Khartoum by his chief of Protocol Brig. Gen. Chol Agoth who is also family members of the President.
President Salva Kiir’s chief of protocol flew in a witch doctor from Khartoum to allegedly provide services for him and address the issue of Gen. Akol Koor’s alleged interest in the leadership. I have to reveal this because I am sick and tired of this game.

Brig. Gen. Chol Agoth, Thiik Mayardit and Maj.Dominic Juuk of Tiger division coordinated the trip of the Sudanese witch doctor by name Shiek Idris Abdallah and accommodated him in Pyramid Hotel fully paid for by the office of the President. The news last week which caused tension in Juba is attributed to Shiek Idris’s prophecy. And a multitude of SSPDF officers, senior officials who wanted to know their future were reportedly seen flocking into the great Pyramid Hotel room 208 and 209 respectively for Idris Services.

This is not the first time elements around President Kiir are using magicians to instigate conflicts within his office and government at large. Senior government officials have been paying quarks doctors for favors to be appointed or reappointed as the common case… This country can not be run under the influence of unknown spiritual powers yajama.

It is through these trickery played by the relatives of the President which led to the dismissal of my husband Maj. Gen. Albino Akuei Angong aka Longbody from his post as aid de camp or ADC of President Salva Kiir. I am sure the secret visit of Shiek Idris will lead to the dismissal of other innocents officials in short time. I have had enough and wishes to expose this mechanization of misleading the President to make state decisions based on some Darfuri old wet dreams. The security should investigate Brig. Gen. Chol Agoth, Thiik Mayardit and Major Dominic Juuk.

This Shiek Idris Abdallah is originally from Chad and was in the Sudanese army but now it appears he has become a means through whom key national decisions are made by the fountain of honor –President Salva kiir.

Some of his (Shiek Idri Abdallah) clients earlier today included the IGP Gen. Majak Alec Malok who is the first customer to Shiek Idris services -He was accompanied by former NSS soldier Madol Agok Akec who is seeking advice on how to return to NSS active services. The IGP is looking for ways to retain his seat or be made the head of NSS to replace General Akol Koor Kuc… May God have mercy on South Sudan because the way things are going right now can be very worrying given the entanglement of our powerful personalities with spiritual powers.

President Salva Kiir must know that these witch doctors visits will only harm his administrations. This Shiek Idris Abdullah came from Sudan and did not adhere to Covid19 regulations of self quarantine for 14 days before meeting people. From the looks of things today(10th August), more then 10 officials of the government working in J1 met the man with unknown Covid19 status. Is our president safe from Covid19?

(Words and opinions of Madam Akuac Gregory. They belong to her and not Ramciel Broadcasting’s. All rights reserved! )

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