South Sudan Police personnel to be trained at Indian police academies | RB

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The Indian government has pledged to help South Sudan National Police Service to at least increase capacity building by training some police personnel at a police force academy in India.

While talking today to SSBC and to the Minister of Interior, Paul Mayom Akech, at the office of the Minister of Interior, an Indian diplomat has revealed that the Indian government has allowed and will allow more police academic slots for accommodation of South Sudan Police force that have been at the request of the government to be trained.

“We have offered our assistant to support police personnel of South Sudan. The minister has requested us to allow more slots or seats for South Sudan police personnel to be trained in India police academies.”

He also revealed that last year there were police personnel from South Sudan who have completed training.

Meanwhile, the bilateral relations between South Sudan and India are taking shape after being dormant. Most South Sudanese study in India while a good number of Indians do businesses in South Sudan.

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