Government deeply concerns about Peter Biar’s testimony before the U.S Senate on Foreign Relations

Ateny Wek Ateny Presidential Press Secretary1FILE PHOTO/COURTESY: Ateny Wek Ateny Presidential Press Secretary1

South Sudan government is deeply concerned about Dr. Peter Biar Ajang’s next week testimony before the U.S Senate on Foreign Relations, Ramciel has learned

Ajak is set to testify before the U.S House-Senate on Foreign Relations on the South Sudan civil war on March 10th.

Details of his speech have not been released. Ajak has not talked to the public regarding the event. This worries the government of South Sudan dearly.

Speaking to closer aid to President Salva Kiir’s Press Secretary, Hon. Ateny Wek Teny, the country’s diplomatic mission to Washington D.C has no proper connection to block Ajak’s scheduled corroboration. This makes it difficult for the government to analyst the content of his speech.

“You know the problem here is that Dr. Peter Biar Ajang has the capacity to lies to these foreign governments and they can believe him. Look, the man is not trusted by the government of South Sudan. He was saying that we mistreated him in the prison and even went ahead to suggest people were being sodomized in the Blue House. What else can he not say, tell me, what else can he not propagate against the government?”

He accuses Ajak of collaborating with foreign powers seeking to remove a legitimate government from power.

“Those who seek to remove President Kiir and his government by force will face it. It will not happen. Look around you, how many have tried to remove him but they fail terribly,” he warned.

Biar with late Keribuno Wol was released last year in January 2020 under difficult circumstances. He made it to the U.S with his family while the government killed Wol in the Lake States.

Speaking before one of the most powerful House Committees in the U.S is disastrous to the government of South Sudan which has been accused by Human Rights organizations of committing war crimes, massive Human Rights abuses, and displacement of Civilians.

Perhaps the U.S is familiars with the stories of Blue House, a National Security facility in the heart of the city, Juba, where government critics are held in detention without trials. Ajak was in this facility for nearly 2 years before his release through Presidential pardon.

Ajak a lost boy settled in the United States, studying at La Salle University in Philadelphia and Harvard University, moving to Cambridge University before returning to South Sudan for research. He is known for fighting for the Youth of South Sudan.

Now, the government is shaken by what he is about to tell the U.S Senate Committee on Foreign Relations next week sending fear of more government officials facing sanctions.

Ask where they are afraid of sanctions or they just worry Ajar knows too much, the aid believes, although Ajak is entitled to his opinions, lying about the people of South Sudan to gain power or gain favor before the United States is not a good idea.

“Well, the government is going through a lot. They already sanctioned the country and now they are not helping in the implementation processes. But lying about the people of South Sudan is treason.”

Activist’s View

A prominent South Sudanese activist living in Uganda however dismisses the government claim saying Ajak will do the right thing by speaking the truth. Adding the people of South Sudan are helpless whatever Ajak can do in his capacity to tell people story will be much welcome by the South Sudanese and the world at large.

“What are they saying [the government supporters] that Biar cannot speak the truth? Well, they are wrong. Dr. Biar will say it the way it is.  By the way, the world and the people of South Sudan will wholeheartedly welcome his testimony.”

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