South Sudan economy hits the dead end as USD gained against Pounds

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South Sudan’s economy is hitting another dead end as the USD significantly gained against the now valueless South Sudanese pounds on Monday.

In today (Monday), black market trading 100USD for nearly 40,000 SSP. This development is seen by observers as “shocking” and with no further improvement, the nation’s currency may lose value completely.

Trying to recover from the remains of anarchy caused by nearly 6 years of civil, the nation has no hope as the war seems to escalate in various parts of the country.

The fragile peace agreement is having its own complications.

Despite the appointment of recent states governors, the Upper Nile issue seem to be pulling the nation back to conflict.

With widely internal fighting reported in Jonglei, Western Bar El ghazel, and now the Greater Equatoria, hopes are at stark as the national economy is facing a total collapse.

South Sudan civil war has killed nearly half a million persons, hundreds of thousands seeking protection in the UN compounds across the country, and millions displaced to the neighbouring countries.

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