South Sudan collateral damaged advanced by Jieng ethnics base policy interfering into state affairs 

President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit and members of Jieng Council of EldersPresident of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit and members of Jieng Council of Elders

Ustaz. Kang Chuol, Ulang County Concern Citizen.

There are spoilers who set out to hinder PEACE-MAKING efforts. These are Regime elements, panel Politicians, Armies Militias and Warlords. Organized criminals’ gangs in Juba, Ethnics entrepreneurs. What Unites them is that they have an interests in continued conflicts in the Country because it enables them to maintains their privileged political and financial status.

They thrive in chaos and lawlessness that war bring. Their interests drive from a desire to avoid being brought to Justice. I’m appealing to Patriotic peace lovers Southerners in the Country to identify the peace spoilers and understand what drives them is vital for you to knows the roots caused of conflict in Republic of South Sudan.

All those hired thugs’ politicians, illegals business Men, Foreign hired Criminals who have used our blood, tears and loots the Country, their negative un patriotists aims is to enrich themselves with Country Resources to drown in Wine and Women while Refugees & Internal Displaced Persons are starving with in and neighboring Countries struggling for daily survivals.

The SSOMA elements and just emerged Reformists with in SPLMIO, those are dangerous under cover hoodlums advancing the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) Ethnics Base Policy of divisions bribery Agenda but People’s Movement remains unshakeable.

The powerful Nuer heart Land (Nasir & Ulang) unwavering commitment behind SPLMIO Leadership is unquestionable, on 11.01.2021 the Sobat Administrative Area Leadership under able Leader Cde. James Banak Riang held PEACE CONFERENCE Under THEME:


All Gajiok spoken and settled their revenge killing grievances are addressed.

White armies, Community Elders, Chiefs expressed their Long-time supported behind SPLMIO under the Leadership of Dr. Riek Machar.

In conclusion, after closure of Mandeng peace conference there was baseless remorse’s that, the so called SOMMA & REFORMISTS had mobilized White army excavation and clearing bush for dropping ammunition and rifle to Gajiok youths in order to create chao and mess to people of Sobat (Gajiok), WE SAIDS HELDENTENOR NO.

We cannot be fools, Gajiok knows their enemies; Sobat people remains firm’s and conscious in political aspect of SPLM.IO and Nasir factions. Tonight, surprisingly I heard over SSBC the appointment of unknown Nominee of Upper Nile State Governor recently appointed, however, as SPLM IO political cadre in the Sobat Area, we recognized the decision of political Bureau and disseminated the messages of acceptance the call.

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