South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority ditches air travel safety, leaders not even aware a plane crashed, pilot decries

Wrecked part of the crashed plane in Pieri Payam, Uror County, Jonglei State/Photo Courtesy

One pilot has aired out his voice, calling the human rights activists to do something as SSCAA has failed to perform as per its mandate.

South Sudan is now the focal point, at least with the growing number of air crashes. Many people have lost and still losing their lives as air travel safety is ditched by the concerned authority. It does not go a 3 months period with out an air crash news.

This is what the pilot said:

We the Pilots of South Sudan have been advocating for flight safety and jobs and other changes of how a Standard Airport must look like but our SSCAA has been sleeping.

Here go crash after crash but nothing is done about the safety of the people of South Sudan.
Human rights activists should step in because our South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SSCAA) has failed us, we cant keep seeing our people dying and say nothing about it.

Local airlines in South Sudan have prioritized money over our people’s lives. No flight safety rules and regulations to be followed by airlines. What do we really do about this?

The pilots of South Sudan have lost their integrity only to come to their country and get no jobs or fly outdated planes just to make a living, this is so frustrating indeed we can’t go on like this and we do this for our country, we know we are still ‘young nation’ but these basic things must be attended to like the safety of our people must be our number 1 priority.

Mind you most of these plane crashes are done by foreigners who have been employed by South Sudanese Aircraft owners because they don’t trust their own Junubin pilots who are over 70 in number but can’t find jobs, and if they find jobs then the plane is commanded by a foreigner and the plane is outdated like that of South Supreme.

Till now South Supreme Airlines has not issued any statement that clearly tells us that the South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority aren’t doing their job.

This is clearly the unspoken truth

By Arual Akoon Agei, a concerned South Sudanese pilot.

Air travel safety has been neglected in South Sudan. Most planes used are old and engine failure is frequent. Most crash at landing or take off, sometimes in the mid air, burning.

There has not been a firm measure taken nor investigation to thoroughly look at why plane crashes in the country. The light air crafts which facilitates the NGOs and other travelers are being given a less heed, concerning the factors that surround such accidents.

The question of safety is yet to answered by the SSCAA as far as the safety of travellers and pilots is concerned.

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