South Sudan accuses of mingling between Ethiopia and Egypt conflict

Eygptian military Air might showcase in Sinai Mt.Eygptian military Air might showcase in Sinai Mt.

The internal conflict in Ethiopia is seen as a threat to its national development and progress, viewers familiar with the politics in Ethiopia observed. The internal conflict in Ethiopia is branching broadly dragging South Sudan into it, analysts are now suggesting.

Political analysts conversant with the politics in both countries say Egypt is using South Sudan as “a launching pad for its military capability” to ‘eliminate’ Ethiopia’s ambition to building a mega-dam.

Doup Chak, a political analyst, and writer said, “Egypt is encircling Ethiopia using some East Africa countries as a launching pad for its military. I am sad that South Sudan is a part of this evil plan against Ethiopia.”

Drawing out the long history between the two countries, Chak reminded South Sudanese of their relationship with Ethiopia. He also reminded them of the mistreatment of the South Sudanese by Egyptians in Cairo.

“The people of South Sudan need to know that Ethiopia was the only East Africa country that helped them fought against Khartoum’s brutal regime. Any South Sudanese who supports Egypt is wrong. There are a few facts that you need to know. These facts are Egypt was the one that influenced the United Kingdom to give power to Arabs and the Uk was the one that engineered the 1929 Nile water treaty, giving more control over the Nile River water. There are also other realities that South Sudanese need to know. These realities are Cairo is busy delivering weapons to Juba in the name of “agricultural products” and citizens of South Sudan who live in Egypt are persistently being mistreated by Egyptians every single day. Many of them got killed and some of them have their organs beings removed without their consent.

Duop Chak's facebook post

Duop Chak’s Facebook post

Ethiopia’s internal conflict: The ongoing civil war in Ethiopia’s Tigray region should not blind us. Each of us can decide which side to support. However, we must see the big picture. This picture is that Ethiopia must remain united. There is no question that my opinion about Ethiopia’s ongoing civil war is documented: I always urge Ethiopian leadership to prioritized wisdom over war.”

Former South Sudan Member of Parliament to Maiwut County, Hon. Bor Gatwech Kuany also aired his concerns over the current situation. He believes Ethiopia can not be threatened by any external power but should focus on its internal affairs.

Gatwech said South Sudan knows its “enemies and friends” and any move to destabilize Ethiopia can not be achieved by external power but by Ethiopians.

“The biggest threat to Ethiopian sovereignty and its right to use water for development is its internal conflict that is raging. The Ethiopian can’t be defeated by an external force. Only internal problems can disintegrate the Ethiopian empire. Leave South Sudan alone. We know who is our friend, who is our brother, and who is our enemies.”

With Ethiopia dealing with the conflict in its northern region of Tigray, an attempt by external factors especially Egypt to invade the country could be fatal.

Ethiopia is currently building the largest dam on the continent threatening the food security in Egypt. The two counties have been in a longer head now for almost a decade. Ethiopia is filling the dam which if complete, could elevate millions out of poverty. The dam is seen to have a massive potential to help South Sudan and neighboring countries with electricity.

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