Society is one word, but many things

south Sudanese celebrate the declaration of independentsouth Sudanese celebrate the declaration of independent
Dak Gatkuoth
Jieng Council of Elders who happened to influences and masterminds the regime in Juba must know that, men associate together in all kinds of ways and for all kinds of purposes.
Man is concerned in multitude of diverse group in which his associates may be quite different. It often seems as if we had nothing in common except that we are modes of associated life. Within every largest social organization there are numerous minor groups, not only political subdivisions, but industrial, religious and scientific associations.
There are political parties with differing aims, social sets, cliques, gangs, corporations, partnerships, group bound closely together by ties of blood, and so on in endless variety. In modern states and in some ancient, there is great diversity of populations of varying languages, moral codes and traditions.
From this standpoint, many a minor political unit. Why Jieng Council of Elders makes our country a congeries of loosely associated society rather than inclusive and permeating community of action and thought?
Society is thus ambiguous, it have both a eulogistic or normative sense, and a descriptive sense; a meaning de jure and a meaning de facto. In social philosophy, the former connotation is almost always uppermost. Society conceive as one by its very nature.
The qualities which accompany this unity, praiseworthy community of purpose and welfare, Jieng Council of Elders could have known that.
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