Slate Nation drops the song ‘INU’ featuring President Kiir | RB

Inspired by H.E. President Kiir’s famous word of INU, the South Sudanese music Star and hits maker, Slate Nation drops the stunning song featuring the most hilarious words of the President.

‘INU’ and ‘Where are you coming from?’ dominate half of the song as the president’s part. The Afro-beat song flows smoothly as much anticipated and at the same time embedding an important message which otherwise is a lamentation from the president.

“I have got only people who don’t work but only eat public resources”

These are the President’s words spoken in Arabic in 2017 during swearing in of South Sudan’s head of customs and his co-workers into the office. In the event, Kiir advised the new Chairman to do his work with integrity and diligently in order to serve the people well.

“Where are you coming from?”

This was a question Kiir asked Aljazeera’s Nick Clark during an interview of Talk to Aljazeera in Juba where he asked several questions which led the President to bust out softly:

“Where are you coming from? You are the people who are telling us you do this, do that. I am now just like a child…”

Slate Nation, the South Sudanese Australian-based artist has been for weeks advertising the song which captured the attention of music lovers and youths as well. The song is already trending at its first release on Thursday and it is expected to go on.

President Kiir might as well likes it.

(Photo: Courtesy of Slate Nation)

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