Singer John Frog denies Promota K2 introduced him to Harmonize

South Sudanese famous singer, John-Frog recently came out denouncing Promota K2South Sudanese famous singer, John-Frog recently came out denouncing Promota K2

Someone suggested, if Promota K2 and sensational South Sudan superstar, singer John Frog continue to fight, Dubai should be their next destination. Adding that Frog isn’t jumping enough. 

In recent days, the relationship between widely known “Guan dong Sakit” singer, John Frog and Promota K2 had their internal problem intensifying. The singer is accusing Promota K2 of demoting South Sudanese artists while using them for his benefit. 

K2 is one of the well-known respected South Sudan businessman and music promoter. He is recognized for bringing into the country highly respected international musicians, of recent Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz. 

Frog is out this week jumping after Promota K2 because of fooling them during the recent show Diamond Platnumz was brought to Juba for a peace concert. A singer like Frog was used on flyers promotion but was not allowed to sing.

He said he is fighting for all South Sudanese musicians.

“Promota K2 said he promoted me. When and where? My people should disregard these rumors.” 

The frog said K2 is worse than a snake. Adding his heart is darker than charcoal.

“Let me tell you this guy, snake is better than him. This guy has a very bad heart. Even charcoal is whiter than his heart.” 

He accuses K2 of being jealous of his artists. 

“Someone jealous of his own artist is that a promoter? Someone who demote his own artist. is that a promoter? Someone who always wanted to be famous more than an artist. Is that a promoter?”

I’m sick of his mere claims that he’s the one who promoted me, Frog added. He warns the “bootlickers” of K2 to distance themselves and clarified his collaboration between him and Harmonize. 

“To k2’s bootlickers. Let me start it with example of Harmonize, if you think he’s the one behind my promotions… First of all, when harmonize came to juba he did not introduced me nor even allowed me to greet harmonize.”

Frog in a long social media post that is currently viral in social media, he believes his relationship between Harmonize and him has nothing to do with K2. 

“Though I spend 3 months promoting his Event the Grand Opening of De Space lounge. The show went successful. Until harmonize went back to Tanzania. When harmonize came back again for grand opening of Mgrush. I distance myself from them cos they were mistreating me like an upcoming an artist yet I was among the guest artists. Before Mgurush show. K2 invited harmonize to club DE space. 

Well I was there minding my own business I didn’t come close to them. There was a one jealous DJ who was been commanded by promota k2 to play 100% south Sudanese hits songs such that harmonize could listen to them. Guondo sakit was not selected among the songs. Thou when God says no. Your evil intentions will not work, it can never work at all. the good thing DJ Hashiru was there. He took over DJ Box and started playing international songs just in short while he plays guondo sakit that’s when harmonize jump up and asks Menimen of coozos clan who is the owner of this song cos they were on the same table.

 Menimen told him the boy is around here. He pointed at me. That’s when harmonize and his manager called me on their table and asked are you the owner of this song. I said yes. They told me we’re going to make a collaboration tomorrow. Then announced it in front of everyone in the club… Was it k2 who connected us? 

The story is too long..Wait for part 2 same topic and see how it ends! ..

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