Simple mathematical findings reveal South Sudanese spent billions annually in the neighboring countries

Opinion by: By Deng Atem Riar

Assuming we have 5000 South Sudanese households in Kenya, (from Lodwar to Mombasa) each household consumes an average of $350 a month, inclusive of rent. Assuming too we have 550,000 South Sudanese students studying in Kenya/Uganda (Nursery to University) paying an average of $400 per term/semester.

NOTE… this is an estimate of the South Sudanese spending spree abroad, mostly, East African countries. (Kenya and Uganda)

REMEMBER, these households do not carry out income-generating activities but depend on their Parents/guardians back home and abroad, USA, Australia, Canada.


5000 * $350 * 12months = $21,000,000

550000 * 400 * 3 terms/semester a year = $660,000,000

Total annual spending

$21,000,000 + $660,000,000 = $681,000000

Multiply by 2… Kenya and Uganda South Sudanese annual spending spree.

$1.362B Annually.

Other luxurious expenditures not included. Additionally, lost boys’ expenditures on unknown girlfriend not included.

You can imagine how much South Sudanese are spending in other countries and not in their own country.

N/B… What if we start spending such amount within the country. Will it shape our economy, the answer is yes? Positively.

Note: I understand our Government had played a big role in delaying our stay in foreign countries, but if peace reign again, let hope a return home would be prominent. We can still make South Sudan survivable for all.

May we dwell in Peace, Love, and Unity.

SOUTH SUDAN will be home again. REMEMBER, we are building foreign economies. the reason they are not currently happy with any sustainable stability in the country. We need to open our EYES Comrades. Especially the government bodies.

I rest my simple analytical case. A simple abstract. A mind-cracking analytical resolution base on my experience and observation. PEACE ️

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