Short life span committees seem to be mocking Citizens’ quest for new beginning – RB

President KiirPresident Kiir

The bigger question that is asked by every ordinary citizen is why do the committees formed go silent after two to three days of turning up to be doing a massive work?

Off late, South Sudanese have criticized the formation of Economic Crisis Management Committee saying how can ‘the corrupt investigates themselves?’

This basically assumes that the people that are corrupt are the same people that have caused the economic collapse of South Sudan.

The body headed by VP Wani Igga who is also the head of Jonglei Conflict/crisis committee that aims to end the prolonged ethnic conflicts in the Jonglei State, took off with a jet like energy and quickly summoned heads of administrations for investigation that may results to further prosecution.

Feeling like reducing the ‘work overload’, the committee went off and as of this week, nothing is heard about the economic issues despite the body spiting flames of economic reformation.

In the CBD, the dollar reached 450 SSP in the black market and the usual $100: XSSP is now $100 = SSP 45,000 with appreciation looking blurry which is not only for now but even in the near future.

The committees:

  1. Jonglei Crisis Committee or so
  2. Disarmament Committee
  3. Sherikaat Incident Committee
  4. Police Committee investigating the murder of the three children in Rock City
  5. Economic Crisis Management Committee

Have started off well but a day or two later, they are nowhere to be seen. They cease to function and nobody knows why.

As noted, it is predictably possible that another committee will be formed to investigate what is not yet known.

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