Shirkaat incident committee could be doing the opposite | RB

FILE PHOTO: President Kiir/Courtesy

The Shirikaat incident’s committee has already come under heavy criticism for failure to execute the very much needed results. The victims are now allegedly the perpetrators.

According to sources, Gen. Garang Akok Adut who lives in Shirkaat, Juba had his house surrounded for two to three consecutive nights by military police with heavy guns mounted on pickups and along with more than 30 soldiers for unknown reasons, causing the neighbours fear.

The army general was arrested at 4pm on 23rd of July and returned to his residence at 6pm. Garang is accused of having a hand in the said murder of Lual Marine, President Kiir’s son as per a letter of findings handed over to the President by the committee investigating the Shirkaat incident.

Garang is claimed innocence by a few officials within the government’s army and this could be perhaps the reason why the Chief of General Staff ordered his release.

President’s community members are accused of direct targeting of innocent people and putting the committee under pressure to excite their desires.

“It is indeed an imaginable that a scenario involving the President’s ‘nephew’ who caused a public outcry is being investigated when the perpetrator(s) is/are already known,” said an analyst.

Lual Marine stormed a family’s home in May and murdered more than two family members over land he tried to grab at the cemetery in Shirikaat before the civilians turned against him and his bodyguards who opened fire randomly on the civilians.

The opinion that many holds is that the committee can not come up with the right findings and therefore the investigation seems to be a tool for framing some army figures that are mature for political axing. Many others believe that the investigation is being used to cover up the background of the incident.

As much figured out by the general public, the investigation is supposed to involve the perpetrator(s) and the victims but it is being now seen as a one directed investigation where the people ‘involved’ in the president’s nephew death are the only ones being investigated. The move is thus seen as an indirect revenge for killer (Lual) Mariner’s death which mostly targets the Bor Community leaders.

The result of Laul’s death is the action from angry mob who regarded his action as insane and unjustified. Lual tried to grab family land in May and killed family members over it, making the mob to go angry and beat him to ‘death’

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