Seven top gov. officials that should be sacked to revive the economy – study suggests

PresidentPresident Kiir smiling after briefing the nation about coronavirus in May.

A simple study and research conducted by Ramciel Broadcasting editorial team suggests that in order for economic crisis to be put to an end or at least bring its to a fair level, President Kiir, prior to formation of the Economic Crisis Committee, should sack at least seven top government officials to allow room for economic change. The change may not be as expected or for the economy to bounce back to 2012 days but at least it could revive and pull it out of the dead state.

According to The Sentry, corruption in South Sudan starts from the president’s doorstep and this mean that his close family members and allies are fond of soliciting enormous sums of money for personal use rather than for the country.

“South Sudan’s last four army chiefs of staff, four high-ranking military leaders, and three opposition militia leaders have engaged in business activities indicative of money laundering and corruption, The Sentry has found. Many of these men share personal or commercial ties with President Salva Kiir, who regularly intervenes in legal proceedings targeting his staunchest friends and allies.” -The Sentry.

South Sudan’s director general of customs, Gen. Akol Ayii Madut has been regularly accused by his colleagues of diverting customs revenues to his personal accounts. The President himself has lamented over this stone issue by admitting last month that the non-oil revenues are being diverted. This was according to Eye Radio’s report.

The war to reform the economy or settle the economic crisis has visibly taken to the path of tackling the graft or rather, a new war on corruption.

As per the findings of the Economic Crisis Management Committee, the collapse of the economy has been driven and masterminded by some senior leaders within the government.

According to a report read by Puot Kang (Minister of Petroleum) who is also the spokesperson of the committee headed by VP Wani Igga, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planing, Salvatore Garang Mabiordit seems to have a hand since the report indicated that he should be suspended and investigated for possible prosecution due to ‘mishandling’ the matters pertaining to the economy.

In a broadcast by South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) the sub cluster eccomic committee headed by Hon. Oyoti has found out that the heads of Directorate of Nationalities, Passports and Immigration, together with the heads of traffic police have embezzled $3.1 million. The money is said to have not been accounted for or its use was not approved by any proper authority and that it was generated from unknown number plates and licenses revenues. The DNPM is under ministry of interior under Hon. Paul Mayom Akech.

The seven senior officials that should be sacked according to the study are:

  1. Minister of Finance and Economic Planing: Salvatore Mabiordit.
  2. The Governor of Central Bank of South Sudan (BSS): Gamal Abdalla.
  3. Director General of Customs: Gen. Akol Ayii Madut
  4. Minister of Interior: Paul Mayom Akech
  5. Security Advisor: Hon. Tut (Kew) Gatuak Manime.
  6. Traffic Police boss: Major Gen. Kon John Akot.
  7. Head of Internal Security: Gen. Akol Koor who according to a Lakes State MP, asks the government huge sums of money to cater for security of the country.

“General Akol has been asking the government a lot of money to maintain the security but yet the situation is the worst” he said

According to him, the security chief has not put the money to use since South Sudan security sector which needs a lot of money is still among the worst in the world.

The depletion of Bank of South Sudan of its foreign reserves has prompted the president to take an action of forming the committee but however the case, the biggest question that every ordinary asks is will the president sack those officials?

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