Senior SPLM-IO members to join Kiir’s camp this month in a move to abandon the Chairman | Leaked Political Exodus

File photo: Courtesy. (F.V. President’s press secretary, James Gatdet briefing a press).

Senior SPLM-IO members are set to join Kiir’s Camp this month.

Recent remarks by Defence Minister, Angelina Teny have sparked a boiling defection within the IO camp this month.

Speaking to Ramciel Broadcasting on Thursday, an aid to the Minister of Water and Irrigation, Hon. Manawa Gatkuoth, said a lot of people are disappointed by such remarks.

The aid said, if anything happens again, sure a lot of people will join President Kiir’s mainstream SPLM. He further stated that people are already on their way to join the president.

“Well, we are disappointed of course but not only about the remarks but more issues surrounding the leadership. No responsibility. No direction. We are not sure if we are now an IO or fully integrated.”

It was this week that Manawa was heard at the home of Honourable Tutkew saying the Nuer have given Dr. Machar too much power for more than 30 years and now the man is acting like a king. The people in the closed-door chatting were jokingly heard laughing.

Manawa for most of the time has been seen visiting the home of President Kiir’s security advisor, Tutkew Gatluak. The two seem to get along well and in depths discussion on their political forwardness.

The recent distribution of positions by the SPLA-IO has sparked a lot of hatred and misunderstandings within the party and many more of its members are unsure about landing a position. Some have cited much and lack of transparency within the party and the Chairman is said to be favouring his relatives and close friends.

The IO Chief of General Staff, Simon Gatwech Duel, according to SPLA-IO senior officer who spoke on condition of anonymity, has expressed disappointment and expects the Chairman to declare whether he is already reintegrated into the SPLM under the leadership of Kiir or not.

The SPLA-IO Chairman’s directives have been criticized a lot by his fellows who expressed great dissatisfaction with how he runs the party.

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