Senior SPLM/A-IO blames newly appointed governor on the civilians’ attack in Malakal 

Malakal/PHOTO: SuppliedMalakal/PHOTO: Supplied

Malakal, Upper Nile– A senior member of the SPLM/A-IO, Tut Riek Jikany blames the newly appointed governor, H.E Abudok Nyang for the attack on the civilians on Saturday morning in Malakal Airport, according to a letter extended to Ramciel on Saturday. 

The attack came hours after the governor asked the civilians in the UNMISS to receive him at the airport and the newly appointed officials. 

According to Riek, the newly appointed governor is fully responsible for the violence and the death of civilians. He said the State government failed to put forward the necessary security arrangement prior to his arrival. 

“The Governor of Upper Nile and his counties commissioners are solely responsible for the violence that took place in Malakal today for failing to install security arrangements prior to the arrival of Governor Abudhok.”

“Had Governor Abudhok Anyang revised the security situation in Malakal prior to his infamous arrival— He could have informed the civilians to remain in a safe shelter to reduce animosity until further notice.”

He also blamed the state’s officials for being clueless about the tension between the Shilluk and Apandang Dinka. 

“Perhaps the recently appointed officials of Upper Nile are clueless or inexperienced to observe the communal tension between Apadang and Shilluk community, which should not be taken lightly. This will definitely escalate into further communal revenge at any given time.”

Riek, a member of the SPLM/A-IO reformists critically seeking new leadership change within the rebels movement said their group has stressed this area before it occurred but they were termed as propagandists. 

“We’ve stressed the crucial effort to install security arrangements prior to any appointment or signing of the Revitalised peace agreement. Unfortunately, our effort was reviewed as an inflammatory agenda, but if you look at it now the Opposition areas are at risk so are the IDPs in opposition territory.”

On Saturday, unknown gunmen believed to be of the Apandang community opened fires on a group of civilians who went to the Malakal Airport to receive the new governor and his team. 

Other sources said the militia loyal to Lt. Gen. Johnson Olony are behind the attack because they don’t want the new leadership in the State.

The attack claimed 3 people’s lives, several were wounded as the hundreds scattered into the bushes around Malakal. 

Ramciel could not establish who carried out the attack as details are yet to be released.


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