Senior SPLA/M-IO official campaigns for Dr. Riek removal, highlighting why | RB

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A senior Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army in Opposition (SPLA/M IO) have called through campaigns the removal of Chairman and Commander in Chief of the party. According to him, Hon. Duer Tut Duer explains in the message below extended to Ramciel Broadcasting.

Message and explanation to the mis-leaders.

Anyanya one was not a movement for reform, but a Liberation movement for independence of South Sudan.

SPLA/SPLM was not a movement for reform, it was a Movement for liberation of marginalized people of Sudan by then.

SPLM_IO is not a movement for reform. It was initially a resistance movement generated by the killing of innocent civilians in Juba in December 2013.

SPLM-IO became a Liberation movement with objective of Regime change in April 2014.

The fight for regime change was abandoned for position of first Vice president for Riek Machar in 2015.

When ARCSS collapsed in 2016, SPLM-IO demanded the IGAD to process the resuscitation of the ARCSS.

The R-ARCSS was signed and a pre-transitional period was accorded to the parties to accomplish the pre-transitional tasks such as Security Arrangements, incorporation of the R-ARCSS into the constitution and so on.

The current situation of self-criticism within the SPLM-IO and origin of move for leadership Change came into existence when the Position fighters and seekers rushed to Juba for positions and before the Security Arrangements.

The current move intends to establish a new Chairman for the SPLM-IO.

We don’t want to remove Riek Machar from the Position of first Vice President, but we want to remove him from the Chairmanship of the SPLM-IO.

Riek Machar will remain as First Vice President. We have nothing to do with a redundant position.

All what we want, is to have a new leader to restructure, reorganize and reform the SPLM-IO to become a strong movement, and a force that will change the South Sudan from worse to better.

Reform of an Organization from within is always possible and not impossible.

You lack_ideas of how to reform the SPLM-IO and South Sudan, don’t worry, we_have the necessary ideas.

Restructuring, reorganization and reform are strategic objectives to help us achieve the main goal of our Struggle.

Some of us joined the movement to live, this is why they have never been to the front lines, others joined the movement to die for the cause I was and am one of them.

For some of us, the Peace Agreement is about the position of first vice president and the Governorship of Upper Nile State.

The Peace Agreement is about:

  • The Security Arrangements;
  • The Incorporation of The Agreement into the
  • The Transitional Justice and Accountability …
  • The Lifting of State of Emergency and so forth.

(File photo: Gen. Duer Tut)

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