Senior Four Exams begin on Monday 21st of March


The national exams for the south Sudan Senior Four certificate are set to kick off on Monday 21st of March 2021 according to the 2020 schedule.

Students around the country have their heads high and most seemingly ready to tackle this life-changing journey.

Four years of struggle in high school will eventually be decided on paper as the system rolls it.

Though through a lot of hardships, most South Sudanese students winding up their secondary school journey are optimistic about a change in their lives through education.

According to many, much is not seen now but eventually, things will take shape and the future will be bright.

The country has seen a rise in literacy level as the transitioning generation which dawned after the war has a good number attending education. Although access to basic education is still in question country-wide, there is little hope that the rise in a number of literate individuals will steadily rise.

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