Senior defunct Maiwut State officials reject the appointment of Gen. Ochan Puot

Maiwut state Governor, General Bol Ruach Rom. File Photo/Eye RadioMaiwut state Governor, General Bol Ruach Rom. File Photo/Eye Radio

President Salva Kiir’s recent appointments of Gen. Ochan Puot as a special force commander in the defunct Maiwut is being rejected by seniors political and military officials from that region., Ramciel has been notified.

A group of powerful military and the political coalition is forming dusk of cloud and plot to remove Gen. Ochan Puot in defiant of the president of the republic’s decree. Gen. Ochan Puot defected from SPLM/A-IO under First Vice President in 2018 accusing him of ignoring the voice of the local people.

He is now gaining the trust of president Kiir as his top man in the eastern front against SPLM/A-IO. Gen. Ochan is now the most loyal to the government. Moves to remove him from his current position may not bear any reasonable fruits.

Bol Ruach Rom, Gatluak Riek Jack, Brig. Gen. Daniel Gatbel Kuach and several other seniors officials from Maiwut established to opposes the move.

A letter sent to the military Intelligent chief, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor by the governor of Maiwut, Bol Ruach Rom, several meetings has been held to reject the appointment, sources familiar with his thinking told Ramciel.

The group went to visit Rin to express their disbelief and defiant only to realized the general attended a closed family member’s burial.

“A number of Political and Military Leaders of former Provisional Military and Political Council and myself have been meeting some key Military Leaders in the National Government, especially the Chief of the Blue House, Gen. Akol Koor Kuuc and last week we also met with D/CDF. We also went to your Office unfortunately, we were told that you went home for the burial of late Amb. Telar Ring Deng.”

The purpose of the meeting, the group said is an evil act against the people of the Maiwut state. According to people familiar with Bol’s thoughts, Gen. Ochan is not a loyal member of the government. He may defect in the future if fully armed. For this reason, the duo wants to immediately this to the attention of people closed to the president for further consideration. Rin was the man to do the job.

Bol and his team also said Ochan is not the man to handle thousands of government troops in the border claiming currently more than “One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Seventy-two parade” are in limbo around Pagak without direction.

“The purpose of meeting them in to inform all Security sectors about you recall the decision of redeployment of Gen. Ochan Puot Buop as the Commander of Maiwut Integrated Forces of 801 Officers and One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Seventy-two parade (in limbo) between Brigade 18, Pagak especial Operation and Division One forces.”

The team accuses Ochan of inflicting fear among the communities in the Maiwut and his appointment is detrimental.

“If our government does not have an evil plan against our people, Gen. Ochan Puot redeployment as militia Commander between Division One and Brigade 18 is dangerous not only to Ciewaw inhabitant but it’s also Cie Chany, Koma and Thiang of Gaajaak subsections that will never come back to Maiwut town because of fear inflicted on them in the personality of Gen. Ochan Puot.”

The team outlined several scenarios which they believed will likely occur in the future.

The following are likely going to happen:

  1. There are Senior Officers who wrote the petition that they do not want Gen. Ochan in the Maiwut area because he is terrorizing the communities.

These Officers might either have to choose to fight Gen. Ochan in Maiwut or may switch their allegiance in his return.

  1. Civilians in Maiwut are being robbed of their cattle and other assets by the existing structure and they are appealing for the presence of proper government present, instate of para-militia forces link to the government. They might flee either back to Riek Machar or Pagak where government is in control.
  2. The peace effort that was coordinated through our military attaches Offices in Ethiopia between Ciewaw on one side, Thiang, Ciechany and Koma on the other, which was done through Churches will never materialized with the redeployment of Gen. Ochan because he refused to receive and meet peace delegates from Ethiopia last time.

Our Coordinators like Maj. Deng Puot Deng, Gambella Liaison Officer and Gen. Jok, our Military attache’ have also helped by talking to Gen. Akol and Gen. Chol Thon Balook, D/CDF that this decision should be reconsidered by General Headquarters, not happening.

The Military Inteligent Office of Brigade 18, represented by Col. Deng Riak wrote several reports about the situation that this decision be reconsidered but not happening.

We, Ciewaw Leaders of the area as follow have unify our position on this particular issue:

  1. Maj. Gen. Bol Ruach Rom
  2. Maj. Gen. Gatluak Riek Jack
  3. Brig. Gen. Daniel Gatbel Kuach
  4. Beig. Gen. Kun Minylang Ding
  5. Brig. Pal Tut Khot
  6. Brig. Gen. Gatbel Riek Chol
  7. Col. Gatwech Nguut Rut

Bol demands an immediate reconsideration of the appointment and requested an urgent meeting with Gen. Rin for further elaboration to the situation.

“We demand for urgent reconsideration of Gen. Ochan Puot Buop redeployment in Maiwut for the government to be in control and bring back other communities in Maiwut town. Secondly, the above-mentioned team under my leadership could come to meet you in your Office on Monday as might have been communicated to you by other sources. Let us know the time of our meeting.”

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