Senior army generals frustrating  efforts to regulate water tankers in Juba, Deputy Mayor

Water Tanker involved in an accident that killed singer, Trisha C/PHOTO: courtesyWater Tanker involved in an accident that killed singer, Trisha C/PHOTO: courtesy

The demand to see changes in the health department, road transportation, and water tankers in Juba may not go any further despite protests from the youth this week. 

Efforts to regulate water tankers in Juba are under threats and being frustrated by senior army generals, According to Juba City council, Deputy Mayor, Thiik Thiik Mayardit. 

Thiik put the blame on SPLA seniors generals with much influence in the system for obstructing venues for change. 

He said the Generals, partnering with foreigners are now blocking the path for development in the city, especially when it comes to Water Tankers,  and nothing can be done to change the situation. 

Thiik said the law put in place to protect the city does not apply to foreigners who are back-up anytime they are arrested for breaking the law. 

The Deputy Mayor revealed that, currently, there are more than 7, 000 water tankers in Juba city supplying residents with water. Around 4,000 are owned by South Sudanese with foreign drivers, and 3,500 owned by Eritrean, all with Eritrean drivers. 

An attempt to give these jobs to South Sudanese was resisted by the Generals threatening people. 

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