Salva kiir’s KNEE on the NECK of the people: It is VERY difficult to BREATHE peace in South Sudan!

Salva KiirSalva Kiir Mayardit/Photo Courtesy

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Chuol Yiel

We are 2 days away from the NEW Year 2021. A year that people are prosperously looking to be a good year of peace for the people of south sudan and the world at large, unlike the year 2020 that has been devastated by the CORONA VIRUSES, the conflicts, and the slow or the resistance on peace implementation.  Instead, Salva kiir is attacking south Sudanese people while at peace and when the whole wide world is seeking cure for the CORONA VIRUSES and peace for all.

It is a known tradition of people from all walks of life around the globe by this time of the year, sending notes and wishing messages of high hopes for the next year. It is also a conclusion or a resolution of the new year and what can be be done differently in a better way than the last.

With Salva kiir and allies, it is a different message,different strategy. It is a dry season, a good time to attack, forget about peace. And a message to consistently attacking peace by keeping their KNEES on the NECK of the people of south sudan so they don’t breathe peace no more but perish.  This has been the same strategy and the same message with Salva Kiir and his allies for the past 6 years of south Sudan conflict regardless of peace implementation on his TABLE.

And for how long will Salva Kiir be carried by these allies and realize the presence of peace at his door steps? And for how long will Salva Kiir keep his KNEE on the NECK of the people of South Sudan without people realizing and questioning?  And when will these allies detach in acknowledgment of peace implementation?

In comparison of what the world witnessed some months ago, this is similar with what has been going on in south Sudan for 7 years now.  As the year was coming to close, Salva Kiir and his allies deliberately attacked SPLM-IO, a peace partner on December 2. The attack is still going on today when there is only 2 days left to year 2021, a year where people of south Sudan are hoping for a complete peace implementation.

In closing, Salva Kiir’s denial of peace to citizens of South Sudan is similar to putting his KNEE on the NECK of the people. It is a similar comparison as what the whole wide world witnessed sometimes ago. It is a 7 year’s denial and of the same regardless of peace negotiations and implementations at hand since January 23, 2014.


Chuol Yiel,a member of SPLM-IO representing Nebraska Chapter since May 2017.



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