S. Sudan’s only female Presidential Aspirant reflects & highlights true leadership

South Sudan's First Female presidential Hopeful, Hon. Suzanne Jambo/photo suppliedSouth Sudan's First Female presidential Hopeful, Hon. Suzanne Jambo/photo supplied

South Sudan’s only female presidential aspirant Hon. Suzanne Jambo has highlighted key notes on her leadership journey and what is expected from a true leader. These may as be leadership qualities that South Sudan might just need in the near future.

Her message reads below.

“In my 20 years in public work in South Sudan, having observed SPLM/A and other political actors varied leadership strengths and weaknesses, having worked in civil society and community development with varied communities, softener age groups and both genders, I have learnt some INTEGRAL issues must never be overlooked at any given time: one has to ensure a clear balanced and equation between Vision, Program, Strategies and Goals:

  • To have a vision & program (a set of goals) is KEY.
  • Solidarity among like-minded, the ability to understand division of roles/honour and respect such roles by the team.
  • Organizational/institutional work as this entails conscious constant grooming and tier of leadership development as we respect systems for continuation. Avoid reliance on individuals.
  • Unity in diversity while inclusive (sense of belonging makes a SOLID FOUNDATION in trust building & moving forward together…).
  • Individual’s accountability not generalization of community or even team members (this must be guaranteed through rule of law and no one above the law, equally, and non favoritism).
  • Meritocracy, competence BUT must be delicately balanced with fairness, especially on a young nation as ours which has been subjected to systemic marginalization. Avoid favorism at all costs.
  • Policies and programmatic and promotion of our diverse cultures KEY to trust building & belonging.”

Madam Suzanne has served in the Sudan People’s Liberation Moment (SPLM, the South Sudan’s ruling party) as the Secretary for External Affairs.

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