S. Sudan’s Nelson Kwaje among the 100 most influential Young Africans

Nelson KwajeNelson Kwaje: Source: Nelson Kwaje twitter post

South Sudan’s Nelson Kwaje appeared in the list of the most influential young Africans by Africa Youth Awards and Advance Media.

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Nelson Kwaje is the Director of Program of at #DefyHateNow. His workshops bring together a digital community of youths to fight misinformation and raise awareness on Coronavirus prevention and protection.

Nelson J. Kwaje is the founder of WEB 4 ALL Ltd; an ICT company that provides innovative ICT solutions with the aim of bridging the Literacy gap in Africa and building sustainable ICT solutions.

Nelson is passionate about youth and transformation, he likes to describe himself with these three words ( People, Technology, and transformation).

Last month, Kwaje made a resounding pictorial call for transformation on the sector of education in South Sudan.

In a viral photo that changed a boy’s (hawker) life Nelson depicted his desire to transform the society.

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Hawking boy wondering why his agemates go to school and he is not/Photo by Nelson Kwaje in a street of Juba

After sadness allover, he willfully managed to trace the boy and get the public to know more about him. Sources later alleged that the boy would be put in a school by a humanitarian organization.

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